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Joe Biden Fracks up His Chances to Be President

Posted on the 26 October 2020 by Doggone

 Joe Biden said I shouldn’t vote for him if I wanted to ban fracking.

The problem with Joe is that he is WORSE than Hillary Clinton for switching positions. Climate Change, Fracking, and the "Green New Deal" are a case in point.

His position switching make him untrustworthy.

Let's add on top of that the allegations of accepting bribes from foreign countries, which he denies. Despite the "laptop from hell" confirming any suspicions about this matter.

Joe's record is out there and it's not good. He's not "progressive" by any standard unless you are Fox News. And the same goes for Harris. They were both candidates whose campaigns tanked.

As Steve Bannon pointed out, Bernie Sanders would have been the nominee if this primary process was on the up and up.

Don't blame the Russians when Biden loses, unless the Russians run the DNC.

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