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Jodee Rich Keynote: We Are Not Selling Domain Names, We Are Selling Domain Identities

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains


Jodee Rich just finished off one of the Keynote Speeches from this mornings Namescon session and had some interesting comments.

I also had the chance to chat with Jodee last night at dinner for a couple of hours and he is definitely an out of the box thinker.

Mr. Rich’s company applied to operate the .CEO and .Best new gTLD.

Mr. Rich’s company also operates People Browser, a social network platform that is adaptable to a endless amount of verticals as well as Kred which looks to be a Klout type product.

Although Jodee has gone into the domain name business, he is not planning on selling domain names, he is going to sell Domain Identities.

So Jodee is not very impressed that it has taken over 25 years since the first .com was registered to get up to 265 Million domains in existence and thinks that there will be 1 billion Domain names in existence in 3 years.

Well not domain names.

Domain Identities.

So in the case of a .CEO domain people are not just buying a .CEO domain name they are buying something that identifies them as a .CEO or in the case of a New Yorker a .NYC address or in the case of someone in the horse industry a .Horse address or a lover or player of golf a .Golf domain identity.

When you buy a “domain name” you are also joining the community of .CEO’s or New Yorkers or those in the Horse industry or of avid Golfers or someone in the Golf industry.

You become part of the social network which matches the domain identity, which is powered by People Browser.

Its an interesting and different approach and Jodee is planning on offering the People Browser social networking engine to all new gTLD registries and is even working on locking up the same keyword to the left of the dot for each right of the dot new gTLD extensions.


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