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Jobs for August

By The Garden Smallholder @gdnsmallholder

Jobs for AugustThe Garden Smallholder

Jobs for August

All the hard work is starting to pay off, the vegetable garden is producing plenty to take back to the kitchen. Beans and courgettes will need picking daily; blanche and freeze beans to avoid a glut or waste, try to pick courgettes before they become too big and watery. Not much can be sown now in time for harvest although salad leaves, lettuces and some of the faster growing roots and leaf vegetables should be fine. I like to experiment and push boundaries, I’ll be giving a few other things a try for a late harvest such as carrots, beets, peas and kohl rabi. No harm done if it doesn’t work. As space becomes available, over wintering crops such as kale and purple sprouting broccoli can be planted out.

Some jobs for August:

  • Keep watering tomatoes (especially greenhouse varieties), pinch out side shoots as they appear and growing tips once 4 or 5 trusses have formed. Keep feeding. For ripening tomatoes…

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