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Job Application No-No

By Blairbarnes
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I work for my family as our Indian Restaurant in a small town, which
is sort of a suburb of a larger city 15 minutes away. We have been
open about a year & from day 1, I have been de-facto in charge when my
dad is not there and even when he is, he still usually refers all the
calls and customers to me. I am only 21, which is apparently an age
where it is impossible to be a manager from the reactions I have
gotten from people. Because of the economy, we have people come in
often asking for job applications and/or dropping of resumes. This
happened this morning and I am still a little shocked.
We open at 11am with a lunch buffet & I was opening alone today with
another server coming in at 12. I got there at 10 got everything ready
and put out the buffet. At about 11:10 I was cleaning up come spilled
food from the buffet table when I hear the door open and I glance
towards it preparing to greet the customers. Our restaurant is medium
casual I would say so I was surprised to see the women in about her
late 30’s standing at the door in a dirty too large t-shirt and
jeans with her hair in a sloppy looking ponytail. Honestly, I was
thinking that she was going to ask for a handout but I walked up to
her, smiled, and greeted her as I would any customer. This is what
happened next:
Her: Can I speak to the manager?
Me: Can I help you with something ma’am? Is there something wrong?
Her: No I want to speak to the manager, not to some lowly hired help
of a server (with a smirk on her face)
Me: (Pissed now at her rudeness but trying not to say anything) I am
the manager here ma’am. Now can I help you with something?
Her: (She gets this angry look on her face now) do not lie to me. You
are not the manager. You are way too young to be the fucking manager.
(I swear I’m staring at her with my jaw on the floor thinking of
what to say to this rude a**hole of a women when, perfect timing on
his part, my dad walks in. I see the women turn her smirk to a smile,
turn to my dad, and ask perfectly nicely “Are you the manager?” He
replied, “No she is” as he pointed to me. I watch the expressions
flash by on her face and as stares at me”)
Me: Yes, ma’am now that we have confirmed I am the manager, can I
help you?
Her: (turning to me and smiling super sweetly) I was wondering if I
could get a job application?
Me: (Shocked and trying not to start either laughing hysterically or
start screaming at her) Sorry ma’am but this “lowly, hired help of
a server” does not think you would be a good fit for our business. I
am going to ask you to please leave now.

I am seriously still shocked that this actually happened. Who goes
into a business and acts that way towards employees? It does not even
matter that I happened to be the manager, if she had acted that way to
any of our servers, she would never ever have been hired.

- Annoyed Waitress

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