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J.Lo & A.Rod: Youth Financial Literacy Program In The Bronx

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J.Lo & A.Rod: Youth Financial Literacy Program In The Bronx

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, A. Rod were back in the Bronx to kick off a youth financial literacy program called Project Destined.

J.Lo & A.Rod: Youth Financial Literacy Program In The Bronx
Pic Source: Jennifer Lopez Instagram

Project Destined, founded by Cedric Bobo, is an innovative real estate based youth education program that promotes Financial Literacy, leadership development and access to mentorship.

Bobo started the program in Detroit, but after meeting A. Rod at a Jennifer Lopez concert, the two teamed up to bring the program to the Bronx.

“I was born right down the street in Washington Heights. I have always loved baseball and business. Real estate is a way out of the ‘hood,” A. Rod said, according to CNBC.

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“This project is such a special thing because it’s teaching children at this level in inner cities to know what it is to actually own something very early,” Lopez said.

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“I have been in entertainment and branding for 25 years now, but this is a whole other language that most people don’t know, and to be able to teach this to kids that don’t have the Harvard education is a beautiful thing because it’s not just about owning your life, it’s not about owning property,” J.Lo said. “It’s about learning how to manage everything about your life.”

About 50 students from three different high schools as well as the City University of New York participated in the program that was held at Yankee Stadium.

To learn more about Project Destined click HERE

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