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Jimmy Carter Uses Israeli Drug While Attacking Israel Regularly

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Jimmy Carter has been one of the most anti-Israel people on the planet and is a proponent of labeling goods from the West Bank areas. He claims to be against boycotting Israel and against the BDS movement, but he is much harsher against Israel than most of those who do support boycott and BDS. Carter is also buddy-buddy with Hamas leaders.
Sadly, Jimmy Carter announced a little while back that he suffers from cancer. Very badly. I don't wish that upon my worst enemy. It is a horrible killer. It destroys people and eventually kills them.
Jimmy Carter uses Israeli drug while attacking Israel regularly
Carter has now announced that he has been successfully receiving treatment for his cancer and his situation has turned around. One of the drugs Carter is using is a new breakthrough drug that unleashes the body's own immune system to fight the drug, and Keytruda, this new drug, is credit with Carter's amazing turnaround.
Interestingly enough, Keytruda is an Israeli-developed drug. Not from the West Bank, that I can tell, but Israeli nonetheless.
I wonder if Carter will change his tune about how bad Israel is now that his own life has been saved by Israeli development. Will Carter now become one of Israel's greatest supporters? Probably not, but one could hope.
(I would note that many people online are saying that Carter is a hypocrite and supports BDS yet for himself was willing to use an Israeli drug while supporting BDS. A quick Google search shows that Carter has been explicitly opposed to BDS and boycotts though pro-lableing. Not to say he is a friend of ours, but he is not a supporter of BDS).
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