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Jim Stone - Electronic Stalking and Mind Control - Testimonies of the Destroyed.

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Jim Stone - Electronic Stalking and Mind Control - testimonies of the destroyed.Jim Stone, the freelance journalist behind the 'earth-shattering' (pun-tended) FUKUSHIMA report, has finally gone and done it. He's publicly outed the use of Electronic Stalking and Mind Control via a 'amplitude modulated microwave frequency'. Is he talking about the proliferation of WIFI?
Anyway, it's the wackiest thing I've heard of late, and as we all know Free Planet is suddenly all about the wacky. So, leap in, the water's cold and forbidding but you'll get used to the ice-cubes once you think of a cleaner world that's been re-wilded through the Custodian up-rising of seven billion sovereign individuals and all your sins against Mother Nature have been absolved by positive corrective action.
Here's the introductory segment to Jim Stone's E.S.M.C. report.

I will post a couple quotes from this report, and then link to it. I never use single source material on my site, my standards require cross checking from multiple sources but I assure you from my own experience Nicholas Kirkland is telling the truth here, and knows EXACTLY what he is talking about.
"In recent years, scientists have learned how to locate by remote, focus on, and lock into a person’s brain to manipulate that person’s thoughts and thus his actions. Mind control assaults now loom as one of the main challenges of the 21st century. The targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic. This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESMC)."
- my notes - I have experienced this technology myself. The sound fidelity of what I experienced is AMAZING and exceeds the quality of any device which has to move a diaphragm to make sound. You can't get speakers that good.
"While writing this paper, the people who monitor me electronically and continually interfere with my computer and emails and tap my phones, often entered my PC to make changes in the narrative to discourage me and try to make me look crazy. Keeping the paper intact and ensuring accuracy has been a constant battle. Even now, after finishing the paper, when I go back to add a salient point, I often find that a portion has been altered or deleted. Powerful forces do not want papers such as this one written and disseminated."
- my notes - This happens all the time to me. I always have to go back through my reports and get rid of inserted idiocies; it's part of my daily routine. However, once online they tend to remain the same, but not always.
Also, Nicholas does not make this point in this particular report - The most common method of interfacing with the brain used by governments is an amplitude modulated microwave frequency. Though your brain cannot recognize or do anything with a 2.4 ghz signal or anything similar, that signal WILL penetrate into the brain and turn into electricity once it penetrates a full wavelength ( in the case of microwaves that's a few centimeters).

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