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Jews and Arabs Running Together

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Jamal Zahalka this morning said that he thanks Avigdor Lieberman for raising the minimum threshold for the elections, as it is forcing the various Arab parties to unite and run under one ticket.
 Very nice. Perhaps some of the Jewish parties, especially those on the right, need to somehow learn the same lesson instead of splitting into smaller and smaller parties.
Zahalka said further that in the united Arab party there would be a jew as a candidate placed in a realistic spot on the party list for Knesset.
So, we have Jewish parties with Arab candidates, and Arab parties with Jewish candidates.
Clearly each thinks that a member of the other makes them look more open, more liberal perhaps, more accepting, more democratic.
Is it also a sign of the melting pot of society? There is not that much of a difference any longer? Are we recognizing that Jews can now work for Arab rights, and Arabs can work for Jewish rights? Is there something bigger going on that "just" trying to win a few more votes?
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