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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
A person can be Jewish without being a Rabbi, but can a person be a Rabbi without being Jewish?
Jpost has a funny error in the title of an article that reads:

98 Jewish rabbis fly to Argentina to certify kosher meat

Usually gentile rabbis go to certify meat? Normally Jewish non-rabbis do the certification? The "Jewish" in the title should probably say "Israeli", making another, subconscious, case for the blurring of lines between Israeli and Jewish..
To the article itself, it says 98 rabbis went from Israel to Argentina to certify the slaughter of meat when normally 15 rabbis go twice a year and stay for a few months.
It is not clear why they needed so many more rabbis now but I think the explanation is that with possibly not being able to go regularly and stay for extended periods of time, they are trying to get much more slaughtering done now in a shorter period of time so need more certifying rabbis to be present at the same time.
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