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Jewellery with Personality

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean

If any of you have been following me on twitter, you will know that this week I have been painting my spare room.  It’s a room where I tend to do all my blogging (currently camping out in the lounge for this post) but we just decided it needed a bit of sprucing up.  There is literally everything in this room, from fitness gear, bikes (we live in a flat), clothing, guitars, hair products and jewelry.   I thought whilst I was trying to have a fresh start, I’d sort through all the clutter that I’d been holding onto for years.  When I started to sieve through my jewelry box – I simply cringed.  What I’d been storing in there was just tatty bits, there were broken items, discoloured pieces and things I’d clearly been holding onto that I’d forgotten about.  I know when I had purchased the majority of items, it was from my university days when I had very limited cash flow, so I’d obviously purchased jewelry with an expiry date.  I started to think about the jewelry I do wear and the only items that constantly remain on me, are my rings. I have a beautiful Pandora floral ring that I wear, and my birth stone ring (which is currently broken). I realised that I don’t have many items that mean something to me, as I continued to dig through, I noticed that none of the jewellery had got any personality or sentimental value.  I know how much I like to be thrifty with shopping, and from my digging discoveries I clearly had been with jewelry too.  Now at the age of 27, I decided I was finally ready to stop letting my skin turn green from terrible jewelry and look at items that can be lifelong.   I’d heard and seen many of my friends with Pandora Beads,  these are items you can buy and use to create your own bracelet.  Each bead can represent something about you, making the creation completely unique to the individual.  You can add on loads of items, or simply have a few - they come in different shapes, sizes and designs.  All that cater to the indivdual.   Jewellery with personalityJewellery with personality Jewellery with personalityJewellery with personality There are pages and pages of different beads you can add to a bracelet,  if not for yourself they make a fantastic present.  One of my friends had one bought for her by her boyfriend, another had one for her 21st, with many friends buying a bead to add on each.  You can buy the beads individually and gradually build up, or you can buy them ready made.  Jewellery with personality I used to wear a simple silver bracelet when I was younger, obviously as I grew, the item no longer fitted me.  Recently my Mum and I chatted about jewelry pieces we'd like to have, and I mentioned how I'd love to have items that were classic, and I could wear everyday - a bracelet was one of them.  This type of bracelet is perfect, and adding the Pandora Beads is such a personal touch, making it unique to the individual who is to wear it. Have you got jewelry you wear all the time? What do you think of sentimental pieces? Jewellery with personality xoxo

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