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Jeudy the Jew

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Alabama Crimson Tide star wide receiver Jerry Jeudy was seen at the NFL Combine wearing a Star of David necklace.
Jeudy the Jew
When asked about it he explained that his friends call him Jew (Jeu) for short, as his name is Jeudy, and he got a Jewish star  necklace because of it, but he is not Jewish.
Quite the explanation from Jerry Jeudy regarding the necklace he wears... — Pick Six Podcast (@picksixpod) February 25, 2020

Some people think this is cultural appropriation and a form of anti-semitism. To the point that he felt he need to apologize:
Don’t mean no disrespect to the Jewish people! I’m sorry to the people who take my chain offensive!! — JJ⁴ (@jerryjeudy) February 25, 2020

I'm happy Jeudy is cool with "being called Jew for short" even to the point of wearing a star of David. That's no anti semite! I am happy he's figuratively on our team!
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