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Jesus' Wife Fragment Latest: Leo Depuydt Responds to Karen King

By Goodacre
It's now almost a week since Harvard Theological Review published its issue focusing on the Jesus' Wife Fragment (The Jesus' Wife Fragment is Back).  I have enjoyed spending time reading and studying the issue over the last week and I am planning to offer some of my responses to it in due course.
Francis Watson composed an initial response last week, Jesus' Wife Attempts a Comeback: Initial Response, and I would also draw attention to Christian Askeland's helpful comments, Jesus' Wife Resurrected from the Dead, alongside his fascinating post drawing attention to an element in Leo Depuydt's article, Demotic Gospel of Thomas.
Leo Depuydt's article in HTR is entitled The Alleged Gospel of Jesus's Wife: Assessment and Evaluation of Authenticity, and it is followed by a response from Karen King.
Depuydt has now responded to Karen King's article, and I am happy to post that response here, with his permission:
The Papyrus Fragment and the Crocodile: When Discerning a Blunder Is Itself a . . .Leo Depuydt

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