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Jerusalem in White

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Israeli forecasters love to predict, errrrr forecast, snow for Jerusalem. They are almost always wrong, but every now and then it actually happens. Last week they missed on it, but now they are predicting 20cm, that is 7 inches, of snow in Jerusalem tomorrow night.
That is a nice snowstorm no matter where you are.
Will it happen? Even when snow falls in Jerusalem and accumulates, it generally is only an inch or two, and then melts quickly as the sun rises. 7 inches sounds like a pipe dream. But maybe forecasting 7 inches, 20 cm, is a way to be more confident that at least 2 or 3cm will fall and accumulate..
Jerusalem in anything is beautiful, but the rare or infrequent pictures of Jerusalem in white are really special..
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