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Jersey Boys (2014) Review

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Jersey Boys (2014) Review

The story of how The Four Seasons became a band, against all of the odds from New Jersey and managing to just about escape the mob life.

I have to admit that I did not know anything about the back story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and was surprised that I knew a lot more of their songs than I actually realised prior to seeing the film. I thought it was going to be interesting Clint Eastwood taking on a musical film as not usually his genre. So what can you expect from this film? I very intriguing drama with the music placed into the story in a fantastic way, hopefully it is true the way that some of the songs came about.

The film starts in New Jersey and showing how Frankie was going to head in the wrong direction with his friends and that he was very lucky to avoid prison. An added bonus throughout the film has to be Christopher Walken who is his usual brilliant self, make sure you stay for the ending with the credits to see him get a couple of dance moves in. He really was such a good choice for the mob boss and just demands respect.

The story takes the audience over many years but is easy enough to follow and focuses on the real key points, what brought them all together and what in the end tore them apart. Obviously money is involved in the falling apart phase which is no surprise really, it does tend to be most people’s downfalls. But also shows what Frankie is willing to do in order to make sure everything is square with the money.

I thought it was a very enjoyable film and the story was engaging especially when you hear the music and the songs throughout the film. You cannot help but think what the Four Seasons managed to achieve was truly incredible. I have to admit that I loved that a knew some of the places they were mentioning in New Jersey after spending nearly six months living there. New Jersey certainly does produce very good musicians.

I really would recommend this film as it is a fantastic story, I can imagine older people who are fans really liking it. An old couple sat a few seats along from me were singing the songs and I thought this was cute more than annoying as they weren’t singing really loud but just totally enjoying the whole experience of it all.

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