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Jericho Ridge (2023) Movie Review

By Newguy

Jericho Ridge – Movie Review

Discover the thrilling movie Jericho Ridge, where a small town cop fights for her life against murderous attackers. Read the review now!

Director: Will Gilbey

Writer: Will Gilbey (Screenplay)


Plot: Trapped and without backup, a small town cop fights for her life when her remote Sheriff’s Office is targeted by murderous attackers.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Jericho Ride starts when Deputy Tabby Temple (Amuka-Bird) returns to work after her injury. However, the Sheriff’s office has recently been robbed of its firearms. When the rest of the force goes out on a case, Tabby is left in the office alone with her teenage son Monty (Morris).

When a locksmith arrives to fix the office, they have their own reason to arrive. It puts Tabby in danger and she must deal with a threat without a weapon to defend herself. Meanwhile, her son’s past is coming back to haunt her, leaving her in a difficult position to do the right thing.

Verdict on Jericho Ride

Jericho Ridge is a thriller following an injured deputy needing to hold her ground when a group of attackers try to rob her police station. Her partners are out on jobs, and she must figure out who wants in and what they want. All while defending herself without a weapon on hand.

This tense thriller proves you can put anyone against the odds of criminals searching for something. It shows the strength of a mother who never wants to give up on their troublemaking child. All while keeping us guessing as to what is wanted by the people involved with the attack. Nikki Amuka-Bird is wonderful in the leading role in the movie, while the supporting cast brings their psychotic ways when needed. In the end, it is an outnumbered and outgunned story, which delivers everything you would come to expect.

Where to Watch

Jericho Ridge will be in UK Cinemas from 25th April and available on Digital Download from 29th April.

Final ThoughtsJericho Ridge is a tense outnumbered thriller.

Jericho Ridge (2023) Movie Review

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