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Jeezas, You're a Congressman and You Write Like This?

By Gibbs22manila @gibbscadiz
Portions of the anti-planking bill (House Bill 5316) filed by Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo:
“Parents and teachers have reason to be alarmed if these similar protest actions will have as a scheme and scene [SIC] otherwise warm and living bodies laid down across street highways as though they were offerings to the gods.
“The parent in me tells me that this precedent in the case of the this [SIC] massive transport strike where militant street protesters who are students of various schools have to lie down or serve as ‘planks’ across the road to disrupt what should be normal traffic could just be very dangerous in the future. Life and limb are pretty much at risks [SIC] here were [SIC] unbelieving bus drivers or law enforcement authorities might just ram through these warm and living bodies rolled out on highways.
“Lest this picture read in newspapers or posted in the internet might evolve into a new mindset that just might go viral or very contagious, let it be nipped in the bud. The Filipino psyche of our young children in school is under attack--right here and now.”

Full news report here. Part of me would like to believe the news report had transcribed excerpts of the bill erroneously. But the uniform tone of the text, not just the tortured phrasing and syntax, tells us this all came from a single writer/source. No wonder our laws confound rather than clarify.

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