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JD Ohio:The Best Business Joomla 3.7 Template

Posted on the 02 June 2017 by Genuinework789

People use various software like .Net, PHP, HTML, etc. to create a website or blog but everybody is not technically sound to build a website or many people have not enough budget to create a website. To solve these problems, developers invent Content Management System (CMS). You can find multiple content management systems like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. to design a website or blogs. WordPress is most downloaded CMS, but you never ignore the importance of other content management systems.

JD Ohio:The Best Business Joomla 3.7 Template

There is a CMS names as Joomla. Many e-commerce website owners use Joomla, and they get to benefit from it. The most important reasons to use CMS for a website is you can get many themes and third party products to build up a site, and Joomla is not detached from this scenario. Multiple companies develop templates for Joomla. JoomDev is one of such company, and they developed lots of free Joomla templates and premium as well. These templates can be used for thecommercial and non-commercial purpose.

Recently JoomDev has released its Joomla 3.7 template JD Ohio. JD Ohio is neat and clean responsive Joomla template comes with SP Page Builder and Smart Slider 3. It is powered with Helix Framework which enhanced its functionality and flexibility.

JD Ohio Features

Designed on Helix3 Framework

Helix3 Framework is a new technology to customize a website. It can empower you to build up an incredible website in a modern way. JD Ohio has been designed on Helix3 Framework so that you can get all facilities which are packed with this web technology.

Responsive Layout

When you utilize the HTML and CSS to resize a website to make it look perfect on any screen that is called responsive web design and now most of the sites are developed based on this technology. JD Ohio packs responsive layout to fit your site or blog on every device.

4 Pre-Defined Colors

This theme allows you to use 4 different colors including sky blue, tomato, yellow and green while you design a blog or site. These colors come with this theme by default.

Easy Customization

Another important feature of JD Ohio is you can easily customize it. It is built on CSS and Bootstrap 3 which make the customization work trouble free.

Off Canvas & Mega Menu

Like other templates, JoomDev has added off canvas navigation and Mega Menu with JD Ohio. Off Canvas supports Responsive design, and it can display the website on different devices according to viewport width.

Support Multiple Languages

JD Ohio allows you to install any language according to your requirement with the help of RTL (Register Transfer Language). So if you target a Denmark for your website, then you can install Dutch for the site to get maximum traffic from Denmark.

Box and Wide layouts

You can get two different layouts including Box and Wide to design the front page of a site. These two layouts are perfect tobuild up a business website.

Lightweight and Fast Loading

Lightweight and Fast Loading Websitesare mostly supported for better search engine ranking and high traffic. You can select JD Ohio for your site without any hesitation because these two important features have come with it.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

This template is compatible with most of thepopular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. So every user can able see your website using any web browser.

Page Layout Builder

It comes with SP Page builder, which works with all frameworks. And it helps you to design beautiful pages without having hard coding knowledge.

Google Map Ready

JD Ohio allows you to add any address from Google Map. So you can add the address of your business with the proper direction via Google Map.

JD Ohio:The Best Business Joomla 3.7 Template

Some other features are packed with JD Ohio

  1. Inbuilt logo uploader and favicon uploader come with JD Ohio
  2. You get a "Back to Top" button with this theme. So you do not need to use thescroll button to go up.
  3. Most of the themes support one sidebar, but it packs right and left sidebar.
  4. It can help you to create one page as well as themultiplepage
  5. Advanced Typography option allows you to use different font styles and font sizes on thesite.
  6. Installing the theme is hassle free.
  7. You can get Desktop, Retina and Mobile Logo options with this theme.
  8. You do not need to customize 404 error page, offline pages and coming soon page. These pages come with JD Ohio.
  9. You do not need to install social plugins. This theme packs social icons, social sharing buttons, and social comment facility.
  10. JD Ohio packs Pricing Table with adifferent If you install this theme on your site, then you can collect money or sell products from your website.

Why you select JD Ohio from JoomDev

  1. JD Ohio is user-friendly as well as SEO friendly. So it can increase readership for your website as well as helps you to secure a better searching ranking for your site.
  2. JD Ohio is designed on Responsive Technology. So the template is compatible with any devices
  3. From Business to theportfolio, you can use this theme to build up any kind of
  4. JoomDev provides 24*7 support to their customers. So if you face any problem to install this template, the efficient support team helps you to solve your problem.
  5. JD Ohio is optimized for all web browsers. So your website users never face any issue while they load your site on any web browser.
  6. This theme can work with third party extensions and plugins.
  7. You can get the facility to use some features which are actually packed with the premium version of a theme.

Final Words

JoomDev has designed JD Ohio to give you the best experience for your users when they land to your website. . It is compatible with Joomla 3.7 version and packs many useful features to create a website or blog.

I have tried to share all things related to thetemplate. Still, you have any query, then drop your question here, or you can directly post your doubt at JoomDev Forum



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