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Jasper Ai Writing Tool – Easier & 10X Faster Content Production

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Have you ever experienced creative burnout or felt there is not enough time to write? You’re not alone. Even professional content writers know how stressful writing can be and sometimes wish to relax, forget all nagging projects, and watch their favorite comedy show. However, there is good news for you. The Jasper ai writing tool can make your writing tasks easier and quicker.

A group of marketers and copywriters created the Jarvis ai writing tool (renamed Jasper last year) to be every blogger and content writer’s helper.

This review article discusses everything you need to know about Jasper and how to use the copywriting ai software for your writing projects.

Jasper formerly Jarvis ai for writingUsing Jasper ai can help you write 10x faster and better.

After reading this post, you will learn how the ai copywriting tool makes writing easy and how you can enjoy a 5-day Jasper Ai free trial.

Is Jasper ai For You?

Some of the subtopics I covered in this article include;

  • What Jasper ai is and what it is not.
  • Who can use the artificial intelligence content writing tool?
  • How the software works magic.
  • Pros and cons of using Jasper ai writing.
  • Jasper ai alternatives and how they compare
  • Pricing and plans.
  • Easy way to activate Jasper ai free trial (Oh yes, there is a free trial)
  • Does Google care if you use AI tools?
  • And more.

This Jasper AI review article discusses everything you need to know about the copywriting ai software. #writingcommunity
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What Is Jasper ai?

Jasper (formerly Jarvis ai) is an easy-to-use copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to write original, creative content.

With the ai copywriting tool, you can;

  • Write original blog posts and content that rank for SEO.
  • Finish your first draft 10x faster
  • Write ad copies, emails, landing pages, sales funnel copies, product descriptions, website content, and captivating headlines with a higher conversion rate.
  • Develop creative social media posts, titles, stories, books, etc that drive increased engagements.
  • End writer’s block and generate ideas faster.
  • Break through the language barrier in writing content.
  • Scale up your content marketing fast.

The tool is for anyone who needs help churning out content fast and at scale. It generates engaging content and marketing messages in seconds, with just a click.

Additionally, the copywriting software writes in over 25 languages, so it can serve you both as a writing tool and as a content translating tool.

Jasper AI Latest Award

Of course, don’t just take my word on this. See the recent award Jasper won on August 17, 2022! This recognition is truly a testament to the magical AI platform their engineers have created & homage to their raving fan Jasper Community of 64,000 entrepreneurs & marketing teams! (myself included!)

 Jasper AI inc awardJasper won the Inc Magazine award in 2022!

New – Jasper Chat

Recently Jasper announced Jasper Chat, a new way to engage with AI within Jasper. Jasper Chat removes the learning curve by making it as easy to converse with Jasper as it would be to talk to a human assistant.

It’s AI made more accessible for your entire team. The best way to understand this new chat interface is to see it work, so try it yourself in the Boss, Business, or Unlimited Jasser Plans.

Part of what makes this chat interface different and useful is it can look back to prior parts of the conversation and build upon those answers with additional nudging. So let’s say you weren’t satisfied with the list it provided and noticed Jasper’s suggestions had missed a couple of things. You could ask it to adjust just as you would in a conversation with a peer.

The Jasper AI Chrome Extension

Now you can enjoy using Jasper AI for your content needs with the new extension. Easy to use as you are writing content for your blog or social media posts. Try the new extension for FREE! 

As their website explains “Add the Jasper extension to your Chrome browser to bring artificial intelligence into your content workflow.”

See my sample below of how easy it is to compose a tweet with this AI tool. (You can use it on any social media network as begin to compose a post.)

How to use the Jasper AI extensionUsing the Jasper AI Google chrome extension is so easy!

Video: How to Use Jasper AI Copywriting Tool

Take a moment to watch a step-by-step detailed video on how to use the Jasper AI copywriting tool for blogging and other content writing tasks.

Next, you will see in this video how easy it is to use for your content generation. If I can do it, you surely can do it too.

Why Use Jasper ai?

There are different reasons to sign up for the Jasper ai copywriting tool today and make your content marketing duties easier. Amongst many, the top reasons to use the copywriting tool are;

  • It helps you overcome writer’s block
  • Reduces time spent generating copy ideas
  • Saves cost
  • Translates your content to multiple languages
  • Incorporates SEO features that can help your content rank fast
  • It can generate tons of eye-catching headlines for you to choose
  • It helps you rewrite and update old content
  • Automatic generation of email content for your newsletters
  • Writes your stories and generate scripts for your video content
  • Every other benefit you can get from reduced writing time
keep your content fresh with Jarvis aiKeep your content fresh with Jasper ai to help you create better titles and paragraphs.

Free Trail With Credits

Best of all, Jasper ai offers you a free 5-day trial version which gives you 10,000 words of credit. Imagine the number of copies you can generate with 10,000 words worth of Jasper credit.

Claim your Jasper ai free credits.

Who is Jasper ai Copywriting Software for?

Jasper artificial intelligence writing tool is for any person or company that writes content to publish online or in print.  This means there is an unending list of people that need the tool.

However, below is the top category of persons who should use the artificial intelligence content writing tool.


The ai writing tool is built for marketers who write lead-generating ads, emails, social media, and web content. The software uses the AIDA model framework, arguably the best content marketing framework of all time.

The AIDA strategy is based on four components;

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire and
  • Action

These components guarantee the success of your marketing copy.

Entrepreneurs Use Jasper

The writing tool is also ideal for entrepreneurs who want to leverage copywriting ai to fasten their copy generation, save time and invest productive time into their business. For example, writing repetitive product descriptions for slightly similar but different products is difficult and time-consuming for an online store owner.

With the Jasper software tool, you can automate these writing tasks and focus more on handling your business transactions.

writing product descriptionsWriting better product descriptions with ai.

If you sell on a competitive online store like Amazon or AliExpress, Jasper helps you generate unique product descriptions, rank better for your target keywords, drive lots of traffic and make more sales.

Not only that but NOW you can use the Google Chrome extension with this fabulous tool.

Bloggers Love Jasper Ai, Writing Tool

This ai writing software solves a massive problem for bloggers.

Everyone knows how challenging it can be to blog daily. However, this constant need for fresh content can cause writer’s block. With the writer bot, Jasper, you can write an entire blog post from scratch, including the introduction and conclusion.

If you have blog writers writing for you, Jasper can help generate high-converting blog outlines you can send to them.

Get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits.

If you have #blogwriters writing for you, Jasper can help generate high-converting blog outlines you can send to them. #blogging
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YouTubers and Content Creators

Moreover, the Jasper writing tool is not only for content writers.

There are also lots of opportunities for YouTubers and video content creators who wish to write video scripts and video descriptions.

Over the years, video description has played a huge role in SERP ranking so writing an optimized description makes perfect sense. And now you can use the Google Chrome extension with the Jasper AI content writing tool for YouTube.

There are also lots of opportunities for YouTubers and video content creators. #youtube
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Jasper ai Writing Software For Freelancers and Content Writing Agencies

The writing software tool can be a lifesaver for freelancers and content writing agencies with tight deadlines. Working on tight deadlines can be exhausting, especially when writer’s block sets in during a busy period.

With Jasper ai as your artificial intelligence writing assistant, you can write faster, meet your deadlines and take on more jobs.

Get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits.

How Does Jasper ai Writing Tool Work?

Jasper ai is one of the easiest online ai copywriting tools out there. Therefore, you can use the tool in three simple steps;

  • Select Template
  • Input Data
  • Create Content

Template Selection

To use the Jasper ai tool, select a template that suits your desired content from the over 50+ templates on the software. Then, choose a template and proceed to the next step.

ai writing tool templatesA sample of some of the many templates available in this ai writing tool.

Data Input For Jasper ai

In this step, you input the necessary data for the ai writing assistant to give you a content output.

Some details to input here include;

  • Product/company name
  • Product Description
  • Content tone
  • Input and output language

After inputting the details, click on the ‘Generate ai content’ button and watch Jasper write the content from scratch.

Create Content with Jasper ai Writing Tool

In this stage, the tool instantly generates plagiarism-free content ready for use. It’s that easy. Learn more and sign up for a 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 words of free credits.

How does Jasper ai generate high-converting original marketing content that fast and easy? Artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, this tool monitors your website, reads all text, and analyzes how each word converts visitors into purchasers. Likewise, the ai copywriting tool is trained by human copywriters and conversion experts.

These experts programmed the ai writer bot with specific rules based on what makes great content and triggers conversion in specified niches. Jasper ai is that good and is the perfect writing assistant for the very busy blogger, entrepreneur, or content writer.

Jasper’s Tone Of Voice

One of the things that make Jasper ai copywriting software unique is the tone of voice feature.

Not to mention, Jasper writes according to a specified tone of voice. It can mimic writing styles, tones, moods, and named person (favorite celebs/writer) if you instruct it accordingly.

Want something serious? Jasper can craft a write-up with a serious tone.

Want it exciting, depressing, angry, sad, happy, caring, or any tone at all, according to your mood, Jasper gives it to you.

pick your tone of voice with AIYou can choose different tones of voice for your content.

However, the tool is not set by default to write in any particular tone. Therefore, It picks up and writes with any tone you instruct it to use.

Moreover, you can also describe your preferred tone of voice in the content brief.

It also looks for patterns in your existing writing and learns and imitates how you write.

If you write short sentences, the software will write short sentences for you.

Of course, to get the best out of Jasper’s tone of voice, you need to understand the audience you’re writing for and what will best appeal to them.

How To Use Jasper Tone Of Voice Feature

Before I proceed with discussing how to write with Jasper’s tone of voice feature, it’s crucial to mention that the tool writes creatively and naturally regardless of tone. It has an infinite number of tones so no matter the tone you want, you’ll get it.

To use Jasper’s Tone of Voice in your writing;

  • Create a project
  • Choose the tone of voice you want.
  • Set other parameters and
  • Click write.

So, go ahead, sign up on Jasper, try out different writing styles, tones, and moods, and know what works for you.

Jasper ai Templates – Different Content You Can Write with This Tool

There are different templates for diverse content types that you can write with Jasper.  Top templates among them include;

  • Email subject lines
  • Products and services
  • Long-form articles
  • Quora answers
  • SEO titles and meta description
  • Blog post topics ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Company bio
  • Personal bio
  • Facebook ad headline
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • Short social media posts
  • Sentence expander
  • Video descriptions plus video topic ideas
  • Video titles
  • Blog post-intro paragraph
  • Perfect headline
  • Real estate listings
  • Engaging question
  • And a whole lot of others.
more ai writing tool templatesYou can see more templates for social media and other content marketing uses. I love the testimonial helper!

Jasper ai Pros

As a result, there are many benefits to using Jasper.  Some of them include;

  • It generates 99% original content
  • It helps you overcome writer’s block
  • Write 10X faster and save more time
  • Excellent customer support
  • Access to Jasper ai Facebook copywriters community of over 60k+ active members.
  • Ai-powered long-form assistant for blogging
  • Integrated Grammarly and Copyscape software
  • Rich document editor for writing long-form content
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Access to SEO and social media marketing academy
  • Affordability
  • 7-days money-back guarantee
  • A 5-day free trial with 10,000 words bonuses credits to all plans.

Get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits.

Jasper ai Cons

  • Sometimes the content is not perfect. It may require some human editing.
  • You need to fact-check your data, statistics, names, and events before publishing your content.
  • Just like any product, it takes time to understand how to use the product completely.
  • You pay by the word. This becomes expensive when you pay for words casually generated when you are testing the tool.
  • The tool is still in the development process.

A Quick Review of Jasper ai Writing Tool

Deployment Cloud, SaaS, web-based

Number of templates 50+

Pricing Starter Plan = Monthly starts at $29/month for 20,000 words generation while annual starts at $24/month + 2 months free

Boss Mode Plan = Monthly starts at $59/month for 50,000 words generation while annual starts at $49/month + 2 months free.

Money-back guarantee 5 days 100% money-back guarantee.

Ease of use Intermediate

Free trial 5 days risk-free trial of 10,000 words generation

Support Live chat, email, help desk, knowledge base (FAQ and forums)

Supported languages 26

Short-form content quality Almost as good as human written

Training Live online, webinars, documentation, videos

Contact details Texas, United States,

Is Jasper ai Free – Pricing and Plans

Surprisingly, Jasper ai comes at a small price. There is no free version, but a free 5-day trial version gives you 10,000-word credits.

The ai writing tool pricing starts at $29/month, which gives you 20,000 words of credit.

The Jasper ai plans and their prices are presented in the table below;

Starter Plan $29 Monthly This package includes access to 50 short-form content templates, chat support, 25 languages, and up to 10 users.

Annually billed at $24 per month + 2 months free. (Save 16%)

Boss Mode 59/month The boss mode includes everything in the starter plan, priority chat support, and powerful tools that’ll help you write full-length content like blogs. You also have added control and flexibility.


Annually billed at $49 per month + 2 months free. (Save 16%)

Note that you can pay an extra $10 to get more words up to 5000 words credit.

Also, all plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee which means you will get your money back if you don’t like the service and apply for a refund within seven days from the date of purchase.

Get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits, or sign up for any package of your choice now.

Jasper ai Alternatives

There are a few Jasper ai alternatives in the market that compare closely. You may want to check out and compare it with other ai copywriting tools.

Furthermore, the table below gives a concise comparison of Jasper – against other ai writing tools.

Feature Jasper ai Copy ai Headline Copysmith ai Copypro ai

Ai platform GPT-3 by open ai A GPT-3 by open ai – GPT-3 by open ai A GPT-3 by open ai

User interface Uses both forms and an editor. Great user interface. Uses forms. Great user interface Great user interface – Editor based interface

Pricing $0 free trial. $29/month basic plan $0 free trial

$49/month basic plan

The basic package starts at $59/month $19/month basic plan $1499 basic plan

User community Large private Facebook community (60k+) No online community yet No online community yet Private Facebook community A Facebook page

Support quality Excellent customer support via live chat 24/7 mail support Excellent customer service via several channels, live chat, email etc. Customer support via social media and email. Contact client service page. Quality customer support.

Learning and training portal Has a learning resource page Basic tutorial on the homepage Demo video training on their website Available in person, live online, and documentation An online academy for tutorials

SEO tool integration Surfer SEO integration – None None –

Content templates Has named templates – Have premade templates Yes Has named templates (fewer)

Chrome extension No (coming soon) – – Yes –

User history (retrievable projects)

Plagiarism Checker






Comparing Jasper ai with the alternatives, you will see that it is in a league of its own and is your go-to online ai writing assistant tool. Recently Ubersuggest came out with their version of AI for writing.

You can read my comparison of Ubersuggest vs Jasper AI here.

If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, freelance content writer, or agency looking to write more, faster, and easier, get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits. Try Jasper ai now

How To Activate and Get Jasper ai Free Trial Version

This copywriting tool is not free, but you can leverage a free trial version to find out if the software is a perfect fit for you.

The free trial version gives you 10,000 free word credits valid for five days and applies to both plans – starter and boss mode plans.

How to activate and get the Jarvis ai free trial:

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ or  ‘Claim 10,000 Words Free’ button
  • You will be redirected to a signup page
  • Enter your details and create an account
  • Select your preferred plan
  • Click on ‘Start free trial.’
  • You will be redirected again to the Jarvis ai dashboard, where all features are ready, and waiting for you.
  • Enjoy

Get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits.

How to sign up for FREESee how easy it is to sign up for FREE to try this fabulous tool out.

What Are Jasper ai Writing Tool Supported Languages?

As of September 2022, Jasper ai supports 25+ input languages and 25+ output languages.

You type in the input languages while Jasper ai writes in the output languages.

S/N Input Languages Output Languages

1 Bulgarian Bulgarian

2 Chinese Chinese

3 Czech Czech

4 Danish Danish

5 Dutch Dutch

6 English English

7 – English (British)

8 Estonian Estonian

9 Finnish Finnish

10 French French

11 German German

12 Greek Greek

13 Hungarian Hungarian

14 Italian Italian

15 Japanese Japanese

16 Latvian Latvian

17 Lithuanian Lithuanian

18 Polish Polish

19 Portuguese Portuguese

20 – Portuguese (Brazilian)

21 Romanian Romanian

22 Russian Russian

23 Slovak Slovak

24 Slovenian Slovenian

25 Spanish Spanish

26 Swedish Swedish

How Can I Reach Customer Service?

Jasper ai has 24/7 responsive customer support who is always available to attend to your questions and requests. You can mail them via [email protected].

They also have an FAQ and Help Center page where you can get answers to all your questions about the product.

Additionally, there is a Jasper ai Facebook group community of 60,000+ ai copywriters where users interact with each other and with the product owners who are active in the community.

Account Cancellation – Can I Cancel My Jasper ai Subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime and stop being charged automatically.

When you don’t want to use the ai writing software anymore, just click on cancel Jasper ai subscription to cancel your sub.

Does Google Care If You Use An AI Tool To Write Content?

According to a source in the Search Engine Journal:

“I think the biggest takeaway from this particular Q&A is that Google’s algorithms aren’t able to automatically detect content generated by language models such as GPT-3,” says Miranda Miller, Sr. Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal.

What Is The Jasper Ai Image Generator?

Recently Jasper launched an image generator for content creators. Stop spending hours hunting for stock photos or trying to photoshop by yourself. Tell Jasper what you want and watch it create unique art in seconds.

At the present time, the price is $20 per month to use this new feature from Jasper ai.

Jasper artJasper ai art for content creators to save time finding images.

FAQs About Jasper ai – Copywriting Tool

What is Jasper ai?

It is an easy-to-use copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to write content.

Why use the Jasper ai tool for writing?

You should use Jasper to make your writing faster, easier, and better. It comes in handy when you need help generating ideas or when you’re experiencing writer’s block.

What else does the Jasper ai writing tool do?

Jasper can translate copies into different languages and update old content for you.

Who is the tool for?

Anyone who writes – writers and copywriters.

What are some things you can write better with Jasper?

Jasper can help you write better Blog posts, Facebook ads, Google My Business posts, Quora answers, questions, etc.

What’s the advantage of using Jasper Pro?

Jasper Pro generates 99% original content for you, helps you write quicker, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Besides these, it offers you several other benefits.

Are there Jasper Alternatives?

There are Jasper alternatives. I developed an extensive Jasper comparison table above.

What is Jasper’s FREE trial like?

You can get 5 days free or 10,000 words for free with the Jasper trial.

Do they offer 24/7 tech support?

Yes, they do.

Is Jasper easy to cancel?

Yes, just click cancel on your account.

Is Jasper ai Writing Tool Worth It? – A Conclusion

Conclusively, Jasper ai writing tool is for anyone that has much content to write and is experiencing burnout and needs copywriting assistance. It also helps you generate content ideas as a writer or blogger.

With the tool, you will have no limitation to the number of content you will create within a short period. Best of all, it has user-friendly interphase and is well worth the price.

The creators are still adding new features and training the AI to become better and near perfect.  Sign up immediately for a 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits before your competitors beat you to it.

That’s it; a review of the wonderful Jasper (formerly Jarvis ai writing tool).

If you have any comments or questions about Jasper copywriting tool, drop a comment below.

Get started on the 5-day free trial version and get 10,000 word free credits.

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