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Japanese Language: Counting One to Twenty in Japanese Translation

By Tlb

Are you interested to learn Japanese language but doesn’t know how to start it? Well, no worries for learners like you who happen to have such need because there is a plain solution to this. If you have the motivation and the persistently patient attitude to learn Japanese, then you’d definitely be recommended to learn Japanese in Japan, the country where the language is widely being spoken.

However, if the time has really not yet come for you to travel abroad and learn Japanese language, then you can actually make a quick learning right at your own desktop at home! There’s no harm in learning a language by yourself, right? Besides, there are self-learning methods in the Internet already that an ordinary person can acquire to. As of learning Japanese language, you can start your basic self-Japanese lesson at your house by just simply going through videos online.

Videos about Japanese language learning are not impossible. Youtube alone has lots and lots of videos that teach basic Japanese. And as I was searching, I found that even the counting of numbers in this language can easily be learned just by watching such videos.

Would you like to make a try? Let’s start from this video then!

YouTube Preview Image

Let’s take a quick recall of what these numbers are, shall we?

One – ichi

Two – ni

Three – san

Four – shi/yon

Five – go

Six – roku

Seven – shichi/nana

Eight – hachi

Nine – kyuu/ku

Ten – juu

Eleven – juuichi

Twelve – juuni

Thirteen - juusan

Fourteen – juushi

Fifteen - juugo

Sixteen – juuroku

Seventeen – juushichi

Eighteen – juuhachi

Nineteen – juuku

Twenty – nijuu

If you want to know their Japanese characters in writing, this is where your formal education should take place. Just like a toddler who started to learn how to pronounce the ABC’s, when he gets to school already, that’s the time when he will be writing what he’s been speaking. It always has a process.

Nonetheless, if you’re the learner who easily gets to learn these Japanese numbers so easily, you can try to practice writing their characters. You can also search these in the Internet. At least, you can learn the basics already, right? It’s good that you already know some of the basics before going abroad to learn Japanese in Japan and start your formal training. It’s a quick way to start Japanese learning easily compared to those who have no knowledge at all.

What are you waiting for then? Choose to learn Japanese language but getting yourself started with these one to twenty numbers in Japanese translation!

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