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Japanese Innovation Made to Learn English Language

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japanese innovation to learn english

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When it comes to learners who are interested to learn English language, various learning methods are discovered, practiced, and even invented every single day. Just as this good news written by The Independent where it detailed how and why a Japanese company developed inventions that help us learn English language better.

The company’s invention was the world’s first artificial intelligence “chat robots” that is capable to teach English effectively! That is one incredible and futuristic way of learning a foreign language such as English right?

According to the source, SpeakGlobal’s online ‘robots’ appear as male or female manga-style characters. They physically look and make gestured that are similar to humans. They can speak aloud and can hold an interactive conversation with the learners. (Manga, by the way, are the animated Japanese characters most teens and youngsters are so fond to watch and imitate to.)

Such invention was primarily developed for the domestic market for those learners around the world who are committed to learn and speak English language. And the good news of such is that it is possible to adapt it into any language around the world! Well, that makes it possible to learn Japanese in Japan or anywhere else worldwide if we could not limit its capability. Such robotic invention is indeed Japan’s innovative way of letting learners like us learns languages in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine—but we did.

The invention was created by the way because of a certain need. “While many English conversation schools and online schools exist, some simply cannot afford this luxury,” the Kobe-based company said. “As well, the actual speaking time in such lessons is limited, to average about 10 minutes per one-hour session. In the case of beginner-level learners, it is considerably less.”

The need to learn English in Japan has been generally an important part of the school’s curriculum. In fact, such learning is obligatory for sic years in the public school system! That is why the SpeakGlobal’s online ‘robots’ was created. Aside from the fact that it can save expenses among Japanese people who are obligated to learn English, it can, in fact, help other learners not just in Japan the incredible way of making English learning better and highly innovative. You personally want to learn English in such innovation, right? Well, this invention is practically for you!

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