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January 2012 in Review

By Timschreckengost @timshrek

During the first month on 2012, a lot of events happened here at Words about Birds. Nate and I welcomed our first guest blogger, Krista Greenwood, who observed the Kingsville, Ontario Great Gray Owl.

I did a review of my birding experiences from 2011.

Nate and I also did several book reviews throughout the month including Birds of Southern Africa, Fall of the Birds, and Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East.

I proposed to by fiance at Presque Isle State Park and picked up a few year birds over the weekend.

I attended a the second bird walk of the year held by the Todd Bird Club at Yellow Creek State Park.

We are supporting the BORDER PATROL in the Alamos Wildlands Alliance annual Bird-a-thon.

Nate photographed a beautiful Rough-legged Hawk during a Winter Raptor Survey in Northern Lycoming County.

I won a window bird feeder from The Nemesis Bird last winter and birds finally started using it!

Nate also saw a Snowy Owl, Prairie Falcon, and Townsend’s Warbler all in one day, in Pennsylvania!

Thank you to those who stopped by throughout the month of January and I invite you to LIKE us on FACEBOOK!

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