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Janmashtami Recipes, Janmashtami Fasting Recipe

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Janmashtami Recipes - Recipes for Janmashtami and Navaratri fasting and celebrations!

Janmashtami Recipes- Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated all over India to mark the birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna. This year it will be celebrated on 24 th Auguat. All temples will be decorated with lights and flowers and at midnight, "Krishna Janm" will be celebrated in most temples and houses.

Since I am from Mathura, this day is even more special for me. At midnight, the city of Mathura is a lovely sight. People come up to their roofs of their houses, and ring bells, drums, plates with spoons - to mark the time of birth of Shri Krishna.

An entire city creating these sounds in unison, and you participating in it, seeing people on their rooftops to kilometers in every direction - is a very unique and special sight. Do try and visit Mathura on Janmashtmi eve once!

Several sweet and savory items are prepared in each and every home for Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. Dhaniya ki panjiri, Sabudana khichdi and are made with other prashad items. Most Krishna devotees fast on janmashtami and do only falahaar.

What to Eat for Janmashtami Fasting-

Hindu religious fasting i.e Janmashtami, Navratri, Shivratri, Ekadashi, only permit certain grains, vegetables and spices are used. This list varies according to every family's specific traditions, but these are the main grain, vegetables, and spices which are used during fasting -

  1. Flour - kuttu aata, rajgiri atta, singhoda aata, sama/ samu/ varai , sabudana, arrowroot
  2. Spices - sendha namak, amchoor/mango powder, kali mirch/pepper powder, cumin/jeera, Carom seeds/Ajwain, Asafoetida/ Hing, Cloves/ Lavang
  3. Vegetables - aloo/potato, arbi/colocasia, yam/jimikand, Raw banana, lauki/ bottle gourd , yellow pumpkin /kaddu/ kashiphal, lemon, green chili, ginger, and green coriander
  4. Fruits and Nuts - All the dry fruits,nuts and fruits can be used in fasting.

I am sharing few Fasting Recipes which you can make for Krishna Janmashtami celebration-

Janmashtami Recipes, Janmashtami Fasting Recipe

Janmastami Fasting Recipe

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