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Jack Ashcrafts' Incredible Sketches

By Luciano

Jack Ashcrafts' incredible sketches

Jack Ashcraft 97 HVAC detailed sketch

"...Jack Ashcraft is a unique combination of mechanic, artist, engineer, and thinker. If he isn't wrenching on an old vintage Saab, he's likely enjoying a glass of wine and sketching some mechanical brainstorm he's had. Lucky for us, much of his work has been documented."

Dear friends,
I wanted to show you the work of Jack (Art Center College of Design graduate 1975) because I find them incredible instructionals for several reasons so a very good guide for you!
The precision and detailed sketching is an example of professionalism, all written notes are done following the ACCD rules I learned by Harry Bradley and Ted Yankin...set up lines and write in between being carefull about how clean you do it.
I suggest you to go visit Jack's blog with lots of his sketches cars, mechanical parts and lots more...
click: Jack Ashcraft's sketchbooks!

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