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iTOTS: Interesting Taf Toys

By Chaayen

We saw some interesting developmental toys from Taf Toys and thought a review on them for parents would be much appreciated. From my Mummy's chats, I heard a bit of good comments on their products. One being "I kept the toy for 7 years before I had my next kid and the toy is still in good condition. They are expensive but really value for money".

My personal experience has also been good. Apart from looking classy (sorry, but I hate those cheapass shopee/ taobao toys), the finishing is good. Most of the items, we have been using them for a year+ (and probably more with the growing extended family) and they are still in very good condition

iTOTS: Interesting Taf toys

1. Taf Toys Kimmy Koala Wonder Tissue Box ($39.90)
This toy initially caught my eye because I was sick of our little one ripping out tissues from our tissue box. With this, I hope our kiddo would stop wasting tissue and money, LOL! And I did see a lot prospects in using this same set-up for different play methods. The original play method is to basically load the tissue box with the coloured cloth and textured fabric and get the child to pull them out
You can also assist them if they are younger by placing them at the sides if they are uncomfortable with placing their hand into the box. As the cloth is sheer and of different colours, when he is older we used it to teach colours and he would at times place the cloth over his head to experiment looking through the different shades.
iTOTS: Interesting Taf toys

For alternative play, we would hide toys within the box and get him to pick them out. There is some element of surprise for him cos he wouldn't know what was hidden. His favorite so far has been us tying the cloth on his limbs and he would try to unpick them himself. I guess it does help to improve his fingers coordination
To wash the cloths, I usually toss it into the washing machine along with his clothes. No special care is given but so far the sheer cloths has yet to tear or show any loose threads.
iTOTS: Interesting Taf toys

2. Taf Toys North Pole Ball Drop Stacker ($39.90)
This is really ideal if you want to teach the kid on object permanence. My kid honestly plays it like a toy. He would pop the balls in and watch them as they roll out. Although you can actually stack them up so that it becomes a more complex structure, he doesn't really play it that way. It is usually just a 1-storey high box. 
This set comes with 6 coloured balls, with 3 being texture. We actually have like a whole box of balls so sometimes he just use the other balls to keep popping them in and out and watch them roll out of the box. By the way, the bottom of the box has a height gradient, so the ball would always roll out. No disappointment for the little one. 

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