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Italians That Broke the Boycott

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
There is a lot of excitement about a deal that was signed this morning between a region of Italy and the regional council of the Shomron for economic relations and trade. The agreement has come shortly after the EU decided to label products from the Shomron (and Golan and the West Bank), and is being seen as a boycott-breaker.
source: Walla News
Italians that broke the boycott
The thing is, the EU did not decide to boycott the Shomron, just to label the products and give people the ability to decided for themselves what to buy and what not to buy. While the labeling is bad, and is perhaps encouraging of a boycott, the EU never actually declared a boycott.
Kol hakavod to Italy and to the Shomron council, but this is not a boycott-breaker.
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