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It’s Time We Got Wrecked

By Mochocki @mochocki

For the longest time, I enjoyed a nice sheltered life. I hadn’t experienced anything extreme. And I was happy.

I thought life for everyone was like this. I rarely noticed kids at school who “looked” different. I thought people chose to keep old beat-up cars for nostalgia purposes. And the adult working at McDonald’s late at night, I assumed that was the shift he chose to work.

I didn’t know there were struggling people out there.

I live in South Dakota, where helping your neighbor isn’t even a question that needs to be asked. It’s just a given. But really, shame on me.

Slowly, though, as I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize that life isn’t always so peachy for everyone.

It’s Time We Got Wrecked

Very recently, I had my imaginary perfect world blow up – simply due to one book.

A book by author and blogger, Jeff Goins, called Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life - which will be available on August 1st.

It’s Time We Got Wrecked

I received the honor of being a member of the book’s launch team. As such, I received an advanced copy and devoured the content in about 4 hours. And here is some great news, you can get the first fifth of the book free here!

Here is a teaser from his book and a message that I shared with a group of young girls at a leadership camp.

“If you feel you’ve been given more than you can possibly handle, take heart. This is the point where you learn to grow into who you’re meant to be. It’s when you’re in over your head that you start taking your work seriously, when you finally grow up and into your destiny. No one’s going to give you a map.” – Wrecked, pg 102-103

This book helps us realize one thing – we were made to hurt.

The truth that I share with others after reading this book is simple. You’re going to fail. You’re going to get wrecked at some point. But it’s ok. It’s healthy. It’s needed. If you have faith, you believe it is happening for a reason. And that reason is to discover who you really are.

Can you believe that?

I do. And I’m glad that Jeff wrote this book – to help challenge us to seek the situations that will wreck the core of who we are.

This world needs more wrecked people and less perfect people. And I may be one of the first converts.

Here is a message from Jeff.

So, are you ready to get wrecked? If so, WAIT! If you buy the book the week it comes out (August 1-4), Jeff will send you over $158.00 worth of free stuff, including electronic versions of the book! Check out the book’s site for more information on that!

And finally, if I haven’t given you enough of a reason to buy this book, take a look at the awesome list of endorsements. It’s a pretty impressive list. Almost as impressive as the foreword by Michael Hyatt.

So, who is ready to get wrecked? It’s a pain that is life-changing!

Question: Have you been wrecked? Share your story below and visit the Wrecked Stories Page to read other’s stories!

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