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It's Time for Parental Control in Mystic Falls.

Posted on the 20 January 2012 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo

TVD-lovers, what an episode! My apologies if I say that every week, but my WORD, The Vampire Diaries takes the cake and brings the best each and every Thursday. Allow me to share my recapping thoughts with all of you.

'The Ties That Bind' begins with another witchy premonition by our fabulous Bonnie Bennett - a creepy cemetary. a coffin and a surprise from Klaus. Pretend-Klaus says "I've figured out how to open it. Can you?" and zips toward her. Suddenly she wakes up to find herself IN the coffin - trapped and with her witchy spells failing, until some random woman opens it. What?

It's time for parental control in Mystic Falls.
"Guurrrll, this is crazy!"

Bonnie shows Elena where the coffins are and Stefan ain't happy. Turns out the random woman opening the coffin is Bonnie's mom Abby. Elena and Bonnie try to track down mama through a trillion Bennett profiles, but Damon beats them to it with his compulsion (cheat). Bonnie notices the tension between Elena and Damon, to which Damon spurts out: "We kissed, now it's weird" (Bonnie's face = priceless). Tyler comes over to apologize to Caroline, and Daddy Forbes is back! To help Tyler gain control over his sire bond, and to make a wrong right. Sweet.

Dr Fell and Alaric have lunch together, and Damon waltzes in to get the low-down on her. He mentions the death of Meredith's ex-boyfriend - and that we might want to be a little suspect of her. Stefan comes home to find a Klaus on his couch (can I PLEASE come home to find Joseph Morgan on my couch? That'd be great, thanks). Klaus brings up their stalemate, and both push each other's buttons a bit (they'd make the cutest couple. Just saying).

It's time for parental control in Mystic Falls.
How do mum's always manage to look so good in these shows? Babe!

Bonnie asks Elena about the kiss (of COURSE it would have been good, it's IAN-FREAKING-SOMERHALDER) and Elena asks Stefan to butt out but he's got plans of his own when it comes to Abby Bennett. Klaus speaks with Daniel-hybrid and asks him if he's clear on what he needs to do - which ends up being to visit Mum-Bennett (how did Klaus gain this info? That sneaky, gorgeous hybrid).

Elena and Bonnie show up on the doorstep and meet Jamie (what a cutie); Mum-Bennett walks in and meets Bonnie (love the awkwardness of these meetings). Dad-Forbes tells Tyler that to gain his freedom he's gotta willfully turn into a wolf - ouchie. We find out that Mum-Bennett was the one who put Mikael in the coffin (how INTERESTING!) because he came to visit Elena 15 years ago.

Elena takes a little wander and bumps into Stefan (such a hot meanie), while Damon snoops into Meredith's life. Damon is looking out for Ric (naw) and drills her on whether she's a psychopath - and then gets himself vervained. Oh no. Meredith takes a vial of his blood (what?) and we jump back to Dad-Forbes' detox with Tyler. Bonnie asks Mum-Bennett why she didn't come home - and then finds out about Grams' death. She offers Bonnie her help - which backfires when Jamie shoots Stefan and Mum-Bennett knocks Bonnie out. Uh oh.

Damon tells a sweaty, babe-a-licious Ric that Meredith vervained and blooded him, while Jamie ties up Elena and Mum-Bennett steals Bonnie and gives her to Daniel-hybrid. Tyler breaks free of his chains and jumps on Dad-Forbes (oh my WORD!). Elena lures Jamie over to gun-thwack him over the head, and then she pulls the wooden bullets out of Stefan.

It's time for parental control in Mystic Falls.
Have I mentioned how hot I am?

Klaus stumbles upon Damon checking out the coffins - and the witches cast some juju on him, but cave when he threatens the Bennett line - and they reveal ... 3 of them? Damon has hidden the fourth coffin and apparently that's all that Klaus wants (what is IN IT?). Elena continues to pull the bullets out of Stefan, to which he mentions that she's changed - and it's good. Elena then tells him about the kiss with Damon - and is that sadness we see on Stefan's face? His silence speaks volumes. Heart. Breaks.

We discover that Dr Fell is not what she seems - she puts vampire blood into her patients (at least Daddy-Forbes is okay!) and Elena and Stefan share a sad conversation. "You're better than him Elena. You're better than both of us". Actually, he's pretty right.

Mum-Bennett and Bonnie have a kind chat, while Dad-Forbes gets a visit from Tyler. He tells Tyler he's a long way off to being cured. Lots of pain in order to be near Caroline. Fair deal I say.

It's time for parental control in Mystic Falls.
"I'm tired, I've just recovered from being bulleted, and I'm going to punch you now."

Ric shares his secret with Meredith and me-not-like-them-kissing. Elena interrupts it (good) and she tells Ric it's okay to move on from Jenna. Dislike dislike dislike. Damon gets a right-royal punch from Stefan and HOLD UP - ELIJAH IS BACK! BOOYAH! (best moment of the entire episode, by far).

So what did we think TVD-ers? Did you jump like mad with Elijah's reappearance? Were you sad for Stefan? And I'm just wondering - is it wrong that I've never thought about Mum-Bennett before? Like, EVER? Fire off in the comments below, and tune in for my recap next week!

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