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It's Tea Time!

By Chaayen

 I really miss going out, I truly do. To make myself feel better, I sort of brought the nice high-tea deliveries to the comfort of my own home. Surprisingly, I enjoy feasting in my pjs and being a messy eater, no need to be pretentious! I even turned on a movie and the air-con. Luxurious without breaking my pocket!

It's Time!
If you are a coffee lover, you have to check this out! Aroma Coffee released a set of 6 tea-infused coffee beverages ($42). You can't pick and choose but it is a nice set to share within the family. Flavours include the traditional Dirty Earl, Perky Peppermint and Creme Caramel. Special shoutout to the Summer Blossom (blend of fruits and white tea) as well as Mellow Melon, you probably can't find anything similar outside!
Each bottle contains a double shot of the specialty Espresso and fresh milk so you can still taste the coffee. The flavouring in no way overpowers the coffee and does enhance the taste and experience. Do try if you are looking for some pampering and indulgence. 
It's Time!
If your pockets are filling full, you can also order Conrad's Language of Flowers Afternoon Tea ($85.60) to go with your coffee. It is a very pretty and intricate set for sure. Top up to $100 and you can save $23.90 of delivery fees. We ended up getting the waygu and foie gras burger set ($22) so that we could get free delivery. The burgers were not fantastic though. 
Some of pieces were hits in the tea set while others were misses. I partially value a good scone and was rather upset that it wasn't up to expectation. I have a sweet tooth so I can finish up my own portion my husband felt surfieted halfway through. The good thing about having it at can save it for later and share with other family members :D More bang for your bucks/ lesser waste!
It's Time!

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