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It's 'Rippah' Time My Lovelies.

Posted on the 16 September 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
As it is, I'm up late and bored. And what better way to waste the time but write?

There's no better way.I decided that I needed a nice big blog about my favourite TV show of all time - The Vampire Diaries.I can hear the snorts and sighs already. I'm sorry, but there are very few shows which have kept me as captivated as this one has. I didn't start the series with the background knowledge of the books, which perhaps would have skewed my view, but I did take the time to read the books and I still maintain that the show is, of its own accord, a masterpiece. Writers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have deftly crafted a show that is both captivating in its basic sense, and complex in its execution - no subtle pun intended. The first season, granted, was interesting - but it was as we were led into the second season that I was truly blown away by the imagination of these two writers and their team. This concept of 'the originals' isn't new in any way, but having a story-line that went beyond 'the love of girl and vampire' was what drew me into the water even further. I was captured by the arrival of Elijah and then the underlying implication that 'there will be more of us, and if the writers have their way, we will see more of them'. And then, of course, the arrival of Klaus - the oldest vampire, and a hybrid. I absolutely ADORED the idea of a hybrid. Especially one who was behind everything since the start - Katherine's arrival in Mystic Falls, John, Isobel, Elijah, Mason - and ultimately, Elena. He goes beyond what a basic vampire is and falls into the realm of psychotic, brilliant, GORGEOUS genius. He reminds me of a modern-day John Kramer, with a little bit of Hannibal Lecter and Sam Winchester (when he was on demon blood) thrown in. An excellent character, portrayed to near perfection by Joseph Morgan. He has taken on board that character's persona as if it were his own - it's eerily beautiful in its own way. And now, with the arrival of season 3, I look forward to seeing how far he can take this character. Season 3 has also brought with it 'Stefan the Rippah'. As I watched the season premiere I thought - oh my. Who IS this attractive fellow and where has he been hiding for 2 seasons?! Not that I don't love genuine, caring, guilty-as-all-hell Stefan, but this Stefan was refreshing in so many ways. Besides the fact that it now paves the way for more Damon and Elena action, it also gives actor Paul Wesley so much more to work with - difference and variation that we only slightly tapped into when Stefan drank human blood in season 2. This character is dark, sinister, mysterious, troubled - in all respects, he is the opposite of the Stefan we have known and loved. But truthfully, I am beginning to love this Stefan more - even though he killed Andie, and I did like having her around (oh well, once again - paving the way for more epic Elena and Damon scenes). The only criticism I had was for 'the phone call'. It honestly put me off Stefan rather than love him more - I thought his switch had been quite convincingly 'flicked', but instead he appeared to be able to click back in that moment very suddenly. I didn't like it, but it was a small critique in the scheme of things. I do look forward to more of the dark and twisty Stefan and where Klaus will lead him in his attempt to make a hybrid army. Now - onto my second favourite ploy of season 3 - Caroline and Tyler. To all those fans who want a Caroline and Stefan romance, I think you're being foolish. Caroline and Tyler have been this slowly building, wonderfully sexual teasing romance that Julie and Kevin weaved so well into seasons 1 and 2. Now we are finally seeing the results, and it definitely did not disappoint.Caroline at that party, knocking back the drinks and becoming super jealous blonde barbie vampire? Adored it. But backpedaling a little - Caroline becoming a vampire in the first place was possibly the best decision the writers made in the entirety of this show. I detested Caroline at the very start - as I think a lot of people did - but when we could visibly see the changes (other than the vampire ones) in Caroline as she grew into this confident, sexy woman, I was mesmerized. She was so unbelievably gorgeous; no wonder Tyler couldn't wait to get his hands on her, and Matt was so reluctant to let go (even when he discovered she was a vampire). But yes, Caroline and Tyler. Candice Accola and Michael Trevino are a dynamic duo, and have perfected those quick, meaningful glances to a T. Their chemistry is very smoldering and maybe even slightly better than the Stefan/Elena romance? Dare I say? However it will never top my favourite couple - yes, if you haven't guessed it already you shouldn't be reading this blog - Damon and Elena. Sigh. I must admit, I wept a little watching the scene where Damon puts the necklace on Elena (Nina Dobrev looked absolutely stunning in that white dress, as a side note). But on a whole, that relationship has been so carefully and delicately woven into the story line, you sometimes hardly notice it's there. When I watched season 1 and 2 over again before season 3 started, I picked up on a few moments that I hadn't noticed before, and it occurred to me that my heart literally melts every time I see them together. While Stefan and Elena have the seemingly perfect relationship, in my eyes, that's not the case. I see areas where Stefan is better than Damon, sure, but on a reversal - what exactly does Elena do for Stefan? What part of him does she draw out? Certainly not his best side, and she apparently wasn't enough for him to save himself from Klaus. But Elena brings out the good side in Damon - she sees straight through his quasi-attempt to act all macho and angry at the world. And Damon would do anything for her - even help her find Stefan and put himself in danger - just to see her happy. I love that couple, in case you couldn't tell.And kudos to Nina Dobrev, for the first episode of season 3. As if playing Katherine and Elena wasn't challenging enough throughout seasons 1 and 2, season 3 has opened this whole new can of worms where Elena's feelings and emotions are taking her. I am excited to see where the season takes her in her own personal growth and the test it gives Nina. And as for Ian Somerhalder - well, I have very little in the way of bad things to say about him. When Andie died, I cried when I saw Damon's face. It just shows how much his character has changed and molded over the past two seasons. How those changes have led him here, to this moment, to these choices he's making, and it is such an incredible time for him - despite how he may feel the opposite.Before I finish, I will make a small note about Jeremy and Matt. (Bonnie I don't really feel the need to mention because she wasn't in this episode very much - but I might talk about her when I see another upcoming episode). This bromance was definitely appealing to me. Why not put the only two non-supernatural men together and let them have a bond? (Other than Alaric that is). It was an interesting turn and I liked the dynamics of it. Steven McQueen looks a lot older in this season, but it plays to his advantage. The younger Jeremy would never have been able to cope with two ghosts haunting him; this Jeremy has a tougher skin and battle scars. He wears this burden well. I do hope Matt comes to his aid and helps him out.There are a fair few things I've left out in terms of the season premiere, but that isn't the focus of this blog. I'm writing about the Vampire Diaries because, plain and simple, I love the Vampire Diaries. I think the show is creative, intuitive and original. The cast are gorgeous, but they are much more than that - they are brilliant actors, tasked with playing very complex and quickly-changing characters. I applaud the writers and other people working on the show for making it the way it is, and I hope that people will continue to watch so that it can be played out to its full potential.If you don't already watch it, then you should. Even if only for 'Stefan the Rippah'.

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