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It's Not Just Trump - The Republican Party Is Anti-Woman

Posted on the 09 October 2016 by Jobsanger
It's Just Trump Republican Party Anti-Woman  (The cartoon image above is by Stuart Carlson at carlsontoons.com, and the cartoon image below is by Bill Day at caglecartoons.com.)
It's Not Just Trump - The Republican Party Is Anti-Woman Much is currently being said about Donald Trump's misogynistic attitude toward women, and his gross mistreatment of them. But Trump is not alone in that. he is just the logical conclusion of years of anti-woman policies by the Republican Party.
The following post is from Daily Kos:
We’re all caught up in the latest Trumptastic disaster flick. And it’s a blockbuster with Trump’s disgusting verbal sewage and admission of assault on women. And that’s fine, to a point, but there’s a bigger story here and I think it needs attention. Trump isn’t alone in this. This is how the GOP treats women, all women, every single day. Sure, Reince Priebus tweeted his outrage over Trump’s comments. But Reince, and every other Republican in Congress or statehouse, is willing to let women die from complications from pregnancy, even if those pregnancies came from the kind of assault or rape that Donald Trump boasted about. Let that sink in. Republicans might say they’re disgusted by Trump’s words but they’re perfectly willing, no, they DEMAND, that women be allowed to die if they were raped. And we’re supposed to believe they’re upset with Trump’s statements? Really? The head of one of the “value voter” groups came out in support, yes support, of Trump after the tape was made public saying that “abortion and issues in the Middle East are more important”. More important than a President raping women? Wow, that’s some fine “values” you have their Ralph Reed. Some fine, medieval, patriarchal values. Should we mandate chastity belts for all women? Or would that interfere with men’s “god given right to rape” too much? And when a hundred different Republicans law makers and pundits appear on Brainwrap’s “GOP Rape Advisory Chart” this isn’t an isolated part of the party. It’s fundamental to who and what they are. Republicans are the party of rape. Republicans are the party that think women are little more than walking incubation chambers and semen repositories. Republicans are the party of “binders full of women” and people who openly call women “bitch” and “cunt” and say “liberals are uptight pussies who can’t take a joke.” Oh, I’m sure a few Republicans will condemn Trump’s latest outrage. They’ll do the political math and decide he's too much of a liability for them (I'm looking at you, Paul Ryan) But until they stop trying to control women’s bodies with transvaginal ultrasounds, or forcing the Hyde amendment into every spending bill, or requiring burial of miscarriages, or demanding 72 hours “waiting periods” to get an abortion they are no different than Trump bragging about grabbing pussy. They just use different words to get what they want.

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