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It’s Made!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs

Oh my god, it was genius.

Everybody rush out now and grab kiwi fruit and sponge ingredients I am full and fat and happier for it, a triumph!

For the Kiwi jam in the end I used:
It’s Made!
  • 7 Kiwi’s Mashed
  • Half a Lemon
  • Half a Lime
  • 250g Caster Sugar

It barely made it to the sponge. Delicious piping hot straight from the spoon I had to drag myself away.

I made a double victoria sponge mixture and baked in one tin. Any standard recipe will do. I like the dope that I am missed picking up fresh cream in my haste. I believe this would taste great with fresh Whipping cream however I made up a batch of buttercream as I wanted to get the job done whilst avoiding a re-visit to the sunday crowded supermarket!

It’s Made!

Almost ready to go!

It’s Made!


It was delicious and comes highly recommended! Can barely speak so full will have to let the pictures do the selling, enjoy!

Nicola Quigley

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