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It's INCREDIBLE; Landon's 2nd Birthday Party!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
It's INCREDIBLE; Landon's 2nd Birthday Party!If you've seen my Instagram stories the last few months, you know our little boy is obsessed with all things red, black and running super fast. What am I talking about? He loves all things to do with Incredibles right now and more specifically, Incredibles 2 ha! I swear he could watch the movie all day on repeat if I let him so it was obvious when we were planning out his 2nd birthday party what idea we wanted to do for him!
It's INCREDIBLE; Landon's 2nd Birthday Party!
Landon's t-shirt found here
This sweet boy is talking so much and is already putting together 2-3 word sentences! I'm blown away but what he retains and can repeat within a few minutes. He loves playing with his sister, pointing out all the trucks and cars as we drive by, shares how cute every animal is ( including snakes! ) and is such a sweetie pie. You can read more HERE of the letter I wrote him.
It's INCREDIBLE; Landon's 2nd Birthday Party!Of course he has his moments with a few temper tantrums if he doesn't get put in his high chair the second he gets out of bed in the morning ( what can I say, my boy has a huge appetite ) and doesn't always share his toys with friends but they, life of a toddler am I right? He's in the 68th percent for his height, 63rd for his weight and 95th for his head circumference ha. Basically, he's doing awesome!
It's INCREDIBLE; Landon's 2nd Birthday Party!It's INCREDIBLE; Landon's 2nd Birthday Party!Happy 2nd birthday sweet boy! We love celebrating you and can't wait to see all that comes your way this year! Thank you to our sweet friends and family who came by to wish our little man the happiest of birthdays, celebrate and enjoy lots of yummy snacks and treats! Even my adorable 93 year old Grandma came in for the visit! It's such a joy to be around family during big moments like this!
How have you celebrated your little one's birthday?Do you plan big or small parties?Are you a cake or ice cream fan?
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