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It's Good to Be a Winner

Posted on the 09 July 2011 by Mikeb302000
It's Good to be a WinnerWe on the anti-Gunloon side are winning, every day.
I know, I can I sagely say this?
Easy.  You just have to think about it for a minute.
For instance, take President Obama (please).  All the economic indicators are against him.  Yet, the GOP can't find anybody who can give him a run for his money in 2012.  Willard Romney is still battling the crazy as batshit Michelle Bachmann.  Heck, Obama probably doesn't need to campaign to win in a walk.
But what's this have to do with gunloonery?  Everything.
You see, the reason the GOP has turned to cartoonish extremnism is a sign of desperation.  Typically, when any opposing force is losing and realizes the future is bleak--they naturally resort to extremism.  It's true with respect to politics and public policy.

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