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It's Difficult to Beat Ann Barnhardt But...

Posted on the 17 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
...allow me to introduce drama queen, Art Scheel.  What a handsome chap.
It's Difficult to Beat Ann Barnhardt But...Anyhoo, Art has a beef with CSGV.  To summarize, the balding, pudgy gunloon took great umbrage at a tweet from CSGV that said:  "#UT gun rights activist tells us "I want them dead," shares disturbing thoughts on parenting. #p2 #Highered #politics"Well,  Artie's now threatened legal action, claiming CSGV has accused him of child abuse.
Look, I'm under no illusion that Art Scheel is actually going to take this to any lawyer, but can you imagine the reaction of some hypothetical lawyer approached by Scheel?  I can: "Shit, if I didn't spend so much time drinking and doing bong hits in law school, I could be doing actual legal work.  Shit. Dad told me this would happen.  Dammit. I wonder if this douchebag is carrying a gun now?  He should just shoot me now."

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