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It’s Bo Time in Charleston

Posted on the 10 June 2011 by Thehangline

Bojangles Rolling Pin Billboard

Bojangles Pan Billboard

Bojangles dripping batter billboard

Courtesy of Todd Turner and Laura Sanders of Adams Outdoor Advertising, some spectacular Bojangle’s creative. Two very different execution styles, both very cool. For the large executions with extensions Todd said:

When the new franchise owner took over the corporate-owned Bojangle’s restaurants in Charleston, SC, he wanted to get a lot of attention fast. Our team at Adams Outdoor Advertising reviewed the key benefits and settled on the fact that the Bojangle’s chicken and biscuits are made from scratch. Then our task was to simply broadcast this selling point in a big way.

Two weeks into the campaign, sales were up 16% over the same time period of the previous year.

And for the more retro versions:

Bojangles retro car billboard

Bojangles retro girl billboard

Folly Beach is a unique area that still maintains a 50′s-era/beach/surfing feel. As an added touch to the brand campaign, we specially designed the two locations on Folly Road to match the environment and localize Bojangle’s image.

Of course, I have to put in my two cents. Something that helps our medium stand out from the crowd is its ability to break the frame. Good luck doing that with TV… I’ve tried. My ankle is still swollen. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it does need to serve a purpose. In the case of the rolling pin, it transforms the whole board into something totally different. If you’re planning on doing an extension, make sure that it’s serving the concept and not just there to make things flashy. There’s nothing I dislike more than seeing a tiny little extension of some dude’s hair poking off the top of a board. These things cost your client extra, so give them a real reason for spending the money.

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