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It’s All Illusion?!

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

Do you really understand what you’re saying when you preach the illusory nature of the world?


That’s bullshit…I hope you real-ize that.

The experience below really happened, it manifested, arose, appeared upon Awareness.

All I see below is Awareness giving birth to itself.

This is Love, this is the message of nonduality as an experiential reality, Love.

It’s all illusion?!

Awareness is being and knowledge as not-twoness. Awareness manifests in order to know itself as other. Creation, the world, you and I, the newborn child, are the majesty of what alone Is knowing itself.

When Awareness see itself from the eyes of another love is the result.

Love makes what appears to be two, not-two.

The dualistic, illusory coming together of man and woman in relational love opens up to the ocean of infinite Love.

In that fire of Love all distinction of self and other are burned away.

So…before you tell me again it’s all illusory make sure you know what you’re saying. It’s illusory yes. But not because it’s imaginary or a work of fiction, because it is transient, temporary, subject to change.

It’s all real because it depends on Awareness. If there were no Awareness there would be nothing to be aware of.

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