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It's All a Joke, It's Just Nowhere Near Reality.

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
It's all a joke, it's just nowhere near reality.Free Planet, that is.
I do realize that Free Planet is like the most immature and/or naive thing anybody's ever suggested to the morans of th'internet. What, an Economic Model of the Modern World that doesn't include 'profit'? Are you eleven years old, Mike?
There's no way any sane society will ever be gormless enough to 'adopt' such an idea as a Free'd Planet. Maybe I actually AM totally delusional.
And (beware) Free Planet's not even about Carbon Footprint or Carbon Emmissions or Carbon Tax on a Globalist Greeny's planet. That's not at all what Free Planet's about, because in those examples it's still about MONEY, and PROFIT.  You The People pay for some kings and queens to live in their castles of gold & silver.
A Free Planet's about being born, living and dying on a shared world without any rules, any rulers, any payment ... just this one idea to DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET. Think of how you can make the planet a more beautiful and plentiful place. Fuck ruinous profit and fuck your fucking pension.
It's a very basic, and you're right child-like, 'philosophy' about enjoying your lives before you're dead.
You get the idea, DEAD right?

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