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It's a Small, Insane, World After All

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The story of Yahya Sinwar was already insane enough, but now it got more insane.
Yahya Sinwar is the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Sinwar was arrested and convicted back in 1989 to four life sentences for abducting and killing two Israeli soldiers in addition to four Palestinians (that he suspected of collaborating with the Israelis). in 2011 Sinwar was released back to Gaza as part of the hostage exchange deal for Gilad Shalit, along with 1026 other Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli prisons.
Back in 2004 a medical checkup in prison discovered that Sinwar had a brain tumor. Dr Yuval Bitton performed a complicated surgery and saved Sinwar's life. As mentioned, Sinwar went on to take over leadership of Hamas in Gaza in 2017 and his arch-terror brutal ways continued. 
All that was known. 
The newest piece of information is posted by The Mirror. There are two parts to it. One is the crazy part. The other is crazy but more of a curiosity.
The doctor who performed the life saving surgery on Yahye Sinwar was Dr Yuval Bitton. Dr Bitton announced that his nephew Tamir Adar, and Tamir's grandmother, Yaffa Adar, are, you might have guessed it by now hostages being held in Gaza after being abducted from Nir Oz on October 7th in the Hamas raid and massacre on Southern Israel. Yaffa Adar was released yesterday as part of the hostage release deal ceasefire arrangement. other relatives were also abducted. 
It is a crazy insane small world after all.
The second part of this is that Betty Lahat,  a warden in the prison in which Sinwar was serving his time way back when revealed that when Sinwar discovered he had a tumor he fell apart. He cried and begged they should save his life and that he shouldnt die. The way it sounds, Trump would describe him as having cried like a baby, acting like a dog, a stupid person, a weak person, a loser.
Dr bitton says he warned the security services to not let Sinwar out as he was a psycopath.
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