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It's A Man's World - The Turkish Life

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Us men of the world all do things differently, whether we spend our time with our friends or prefer to get a cosmetic treatment. I wrote a previous publication about 'the evolution of men's fashion' but I would like to get to grips with the life and customs of Turkish men. I have recently been on holiday to Turkey and now have a heightened appreciation for specific parts of the life of Turkish men. 

It's A Man's World - The Turkish LifeEvery Turkish man enjoys a cut throat shave on a very regular basis, it's definitely a man's man thing! I love a good Turkish cut throat shave and tend to get my hair cut at the same time. It's a whole kind of social event in itself, its quite a relaxing treatment if I'm completely honest. I think to myself, why should women get all the beauty and wellness treatments?! Anyway, its great to just sit back and feel the warm razor sharp blade skim across my face, then its time for the other treatments to begin. When I see the barber light the flame I know its time to close my eyes and hope for the best! Only joking, it only takes a split second for my ears and nose to be groomed within a second of the flame skimming past my skin. If I'm having my haircut I get my hair washed and the icing on the cake is the massage I usually get, simply relaxing my shoulders and arms. Men in Turkey really embrace their 'me' time, its not just all about the women!

Have you heard of a Turkish Bath? A Turkish Bath is another way that the men of Turkey refresh themselves from their hectic lifestyles. A Turkish Bath is a great way to cure a raging hangover, so have a Turkish Bath if you hit the Raki quite hard the previous night! So, it's clear to see that if Turkish men can take all this pampering in their stride it's perfectly acceptable for us British men to do the same!

It's A Man's World - The Turkish LifeTea for two? I know many Turkish men that love to have a cup of Turkish tea and have a good gossip. You would think that gossiping about nothing was for the women, it's perfectly acceptable for the men of Turkey to indulge in a bit of chat. To us guys its not nonsense it's a conversation with a meaning, a meeting of minds with a hot cup of tea. So, leave the milk and add another sugar lump because that's how our Turkish counterparts do things!

Guys, for us to live the Turkish life its key to spend time with our male friends, to leave the women to their own devices because in Turkey its a common thing for the men just to do their own thing. It's a way of life that encourages the 'brotherhood' because from what I have seen, men tend to stick together in a social setting. I can't really imagine my Turkish male friends talking freely with their female friends about things I wouldn't usually take a seconds thought. This aside it's always very amusing to see the older Turkish men sitting around a table drinking and playing backgammon, probably with a set of worry beads in tow to count their problems away. It's definitely a man's world in Turkey, something that all a cup of tea can solve!

It's A Man's World - The Turkish LifeMost if not all Turkish men have a sheer passion for football. The beautiful game changes the men of Turkey whilst they are the match. Turkey has four major teams that dominate the hearts of many a Turkish man. First of all Turkey has its national team which reigns above all the other on a international level. Moving into the modern Turkey is Istanbul's top three football teams that capture this nation of football lovers. Starting from the top is Fenerbahçe, then Galatasaray and Beşiktaş. All of these three teams have die hard fans that won't stop at anything to root for their football team. 

I for one don't care for football but would be intrigued to see a Turkish premiership football match because I bet the energy of the crowd is more than electric. If I decided to support a Turkish football team I would choose Fenerbahçe because my family have supported this team for the last decade. Turkish men do get carried away whilst at a football match, let's just say that tempers flare and blood pressures soar with the pride these men have for their football teams. Rivalry between Turkish football teams and their male followers can get very fierce but doesn't any football match have frayed tempers?! Nevertheless, it's clear to see that football is a part of Turkish men's culture that brings the men of Turkey together as one!

Joseph Harrison 

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