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"It's a Funeral Party!"

Posted on the 17 January 2012 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo

Spectacular TVD-lovers, I apologize for the late recap. It occurred to me that I needed a break after last week's episode, as my brain needed time to process. Klaroline? Stefan's psychotic drive with Elena? But before I say too much, let's take a bite out of this juicy episode, 'Our Town'.

"I'm bound honey. Bound to a man who doesn't love me like you do."

Our episode begins hot and steamy - Damon is in the shower, and he's very naked and very happy (wonder why). Meanwhile Elena is taking a very different approach to working through her feelings; she's knocking the wind out of a punching bag. Stefan strolls in to tell Damon they're meeting Bonnie at the old witch house, while Alaric asks Elena what's got her all worked up. Elena (for the moment) is sure that she's made the right decision concerning Jeremy, and Bonnie is trying her darnedest to get the mystery coffin to open.

Damon and Stefan stumble upon a stray hybrid lurking in the witch house (Damon quote: "These hybrids. They're really bringing the neighbourhood down"), and Elena tells Bonnie that she had Damon compel Jeremy outta town - which does NOT go down well with her. Damon bangs the mystery coffin with a shovel (yes, that'll work Damon) and then Stefan comes up with a crazy-mad-psychotic-insane plan to call Klaus' bluff (Damon quote: "The only way to call someone's bluff Stefan is to be willing to lose everything if you're wrong") which he apparently decides is worth the risk. Yikes.

"I was your only bitch. Now you've betrayed me. I shall kill the others."

Bonnie has a little chat with Jeremy about him leaving, and Tyler and Caroline have a similarly sad (but more depressing, in my opinion) chat about Tyler's bond to Klaus and how sorry he is that they can't be together (*wails*). Cut to Klaus telling Kim-hybrid to put Rebekah in her room, and then a surprise visit from Stefan. Stefan tells Klaus he wants his hybrids gone (Klaus quote: "I get a little moody") and the two threaten each other until Stefan lashes out and kills Kim-hybrid (aww). For the first time (I think) Klaus looks a little worried.

Matt, Bonnie and Elena surprise Caroline for her 18th birthday, but she shares the reasons why she doesn't want to celebrate: "Now it's just a reminder that technically I'm dead... I am stuck in a filler year". Cue back to Klaus (who spotted Daniel Newman? Carrying a Kim-head too. Ugh) who demands that Tyler bite Caroline. Tyler tells Klaus to go screw himself (sort of. Basically) while our favorite Dalaric bromance chat about council meetings and "dimmed-switch" Stefan. To help Caroline's birthday misery out, Elena alters the plans to give her a 'funeral' instead. The three toast some wine and blow out the candles. It was rather poetic, I thought.

"Happy funeral!"

Ric mentions that something is up with Elena, to which Damon responds that it must have to do with Stefan. Dr Fell shocks Ric by mentioning the town's 'vampire problem' (let's be honest, we knew she had to know something) and the two share a bit of flirty chatter. Speaking of flirty chatter - Klaus crashes the party and schmoozes all over Carol. Damon quote: "Carol, don't take this the wrong way, but do you realize that you're kissing the ass of an immortal hybrid who ruined your son's life?" haha, oh Damon. Klaus asks Damon to control Stefan (ha, fat chance of that happening).

Cut back to our funeral party-goers, where a text to Tyler turns into a nasty remark about Elena taking Jeremy's choices away. Matt (ever the hero) tries to diffuse things, but Bonnie leaves instead. Sheriff Forbes joins Klaus' side in the quest to control Stefan, while Ric makes a heroic intervention between Dr Fell and Brian (old boyfriend? Truly?). Stefan makes a rash decision and stabs Daniel-hybrid, before Damon pulls him off. Stefan quote: "No, to beat the villain Damon, you have to be the better villain" ... not entirely sure I agree with this logic, but oh well.

Tyler crashes the funeral do, and Matt tells Elena he believes they're all stuck in this supernatural life (so wise Matt, so wise). Tyler and Caroline share an "I love you" and kiss, but it doesn't end well - with a little nip, Caroline is bitten and she tells Tyler to get away. Matt and Elena search for her, but then Stefan zips in and throws Matt against a wall and kidnaps Elena in his car (what are you DOING mad vamp??). Klaus finds this all very amusing (AND he ships Stelena? Who else noticed that?) but Damon is insistent that he do what Stefan says.

"You must bite her minion." "I won't I tell you!"

Caroline is dying from the bite and Stefan threatens Elena with the option of turning her into a vampire - and then my heart stops as Elena screams "Stefan stop!" and Klaus yells "Stop the car Stefan!" while Stefan screeches crazily to a stop just on the edge of Wickery Bridge. Stefan tries to explain to a distraught Elena that if he knows Klaus' weakness, he can destroy him - which is apparently all he has left. I disagree Stefan, and I agree with Elena - you DID have her, but you chose to ignore that fact and go all ridiculous and Rippah-ry. Gah, that scene angered me.

Klaus shows up on the Forbes' doorstep to give Caroline a birthday present - his blood. Joseph Morgan was pure delight in this scene - and Candice Accola more beautiful than ever. Klaus explains to Caroline why he loves birthdays, and gives her the choice - take his blood and live, or die. She chooses to live, and I'll admit that I only just got the two as the 'shipping' pair Joseph Morgan wanted.

"We got ourselves a funeral party! How dope!"

Damon tells Elena that Stefan won the round for them today, despite the methods he employed. Elena tells Damon he can't kiss her again - "It's not right" to which Damon responds - "It's just not right now". Oh Delena. Happy feelings.

Bonnie scurries in to say goodbye to Jeremy (nooo, stay Jer! Pretty please?), while Caroline opens the present Klaus left her - a bracelet that puts Tyler's to shame (sorry Ty). Elena and Matt chat about "being stuck", and Matt tells her it's okay to let her old self go. Matt gives her a mini eulogy, and she does look relieved indeed.

And then lastly, after Ric and Dr Fell share a drink, we are led to a crime scene - typical for Mystic Falls yes? Well, actually no... because this time it's just plain old murder. What?

There you have it my TVD fans! What did we think of 'Our Town'? Were you as buzzed/confused/excited/depressed/conflicted as I was after seeing it? Do you like the idea of Klaroline? Who do you think left the dead body? And what will Stefan do next in his wacko-mindset? I guess we will find out, in this week's episode!

Mini rant

I haven't had one of these in ages! But it must be done. Okay, so I've been prowling through the Stelena and Delena comments all over twitter, and most of the Stelena fans are seriously unhappy with Stefan's taking a Damon-like tumble into the abyss. I am here to say to you that it is all going to be okay - Stefan (in my opinion) is just such a deeply emotional vampire that when he turned his back on Elena (even though he was compelled to do so) to him that was the worst possible decision and thing to do to the love of his life. Therefore, now he is sliding off the rails because in his mind, Klaus must PAY for making him lose everything. To him, Elena never would have come back; where Elena would have forgiven him anything - even with the knowledge that things would never have been the same between them. Stefan cannot SEE that through his hurt, which he is currently turning into rage and revenge. As for Elena being conflicted with her feelings between the two Salvatore's - can you blame her? Damon has practically turned over a new leaf in his quest to be chosen by her, and now she's trying to face the fact that the vamp she THOUGHT was the only one she'd ever love is now driving her away. I think we'd all be confused, don't you agree? But I don't think the Stelena shippers should give up hope; nor do I think we have seen the last of Delena. I think that the writers WILL take us down that path, because (a) they have enough seasons and a big enough fandom to do so and (b) it makes the story infinitely more interesting and complex. In all honesty, I have the biggest respect for the writers as they have taken this leap and allowed us to fall not only in love with one couple, but two couples. Do I hope the ending will be Stelena or Delena? I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment, so at this stage I am going to say I am undecided :) End rant. Lol.

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