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It’s 2 Months to Go…

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog

There, I just emailed my resignation letter so two months from now my husband and I will be on the road, and we will be alone, no work colleagues, no daily schedule to abide by, we don't even have to go to the office anymore.

I have to say goodbye to my company friends where we have been working for the last 10 years, well, almost 10 years for me...(if I carry on working with this company till August, then I'll be exactly 10 years).

My husband and I work in the same office, and he sent his notice last week, and he said that directly after he clicked "send" the email he felt relief, relief from the burden of the job, knowing that he will leave soon. However for me, to send a resignation email is hard, I have to admit that my job is finishing, and if I prolong my stay, I will be transferred to another project and another new routine, and another income. This resignation letter for me is not a normal one. I have resigned from a company several times previously in order to move to another company, with new optimism, new hope and most importantly a continuation of income. But this time, it's totally different. This is not a normal resignation letter, this is retirement letter as well. Am I that old to retire now? should I now live off my savings?

All my life I have lived in a corporate world, I may have never worked in a bank or in a law firm company, however, I always enjoyed a routine 9 to 5 job. In 2 months time I have to say goodbye to all those things and become a retiree and a nomad as well...

In January I wrote about my confusion of my plan in the coming months. Now suddenly I am there...resigned from my corporate job, getting ready to leave Doha, Qatar and the Middle East, and my expat life. Yet, we are still a bit confused and not quite sure where exactly we will go due to several reasons. I had a few fancy Ideas, but I guess we need to make our priorities and that decides what we should do next after leaving Doha.

As we all know, Doha ( Qatar) was only a temporary place for us, just to work and earn enough money to retire. Yes we lived here for 10 years ( ... is 10 years temporary?). But once we have no job to sponsor us to live in that country, there's no reason why we should stay and why the government (of Qatar) should allow us to stay. Now is the question of finding our next home base, whether its permanently or "temporarily..."

OK, in that post, I wrote about my dream list of options on doing so many thing en-route to our next home-base, that is in the UK. But I guess I have to make my priority right, wake up and realize that there are no such options for us. At the end of the previous post I mentioned about the requirement of spouse visa to enter UK so the I can live permanently (not like a tourist) in the UK with my beloved. This is the key issue and the priority so that we are not to split up due to immigration paperwork. And from there on we can travel easier.

Anyway, visa application submitted last month, this is where I am now.... the lady in waiting... ;) crossed fingers I will get that settlement visa, so that I can plan our life easier... uhmmmm not yet, what happen if they decline my application? should I have a plan B?

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