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It is Black History Month; the More Some Thing Change, the More They Stay the Same

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Doggone
How far we have come, how far we still have to go.  Republicans suppressed the vote this year by removing predominantly minority legal voters from voting rolls, and by creating situations where there were far longer lines for minority voters, intended to discourage people from voting.
These problems seem pretty much only to occur where there are Republicans in charge, and they appear, pretty clearly, to be deliberate and intentional targeting, not accidental, in order to tamper with elections, in order to cheat to win.  This from the party that whines about imaginary voter fraud, voter fraud that in reality is more rare than the chances of a person being struck by lightning, TWICE.  If this was being done to them, the right would be screaming mad, and appropriately so.
Let's NOT tolerate racist conservative oppression any longer.
It is black history month; the more some thing change, the more they stay the same
 From Think Progress:
Poll Finds Minorities, Democrats Faced Longer Voting Lines | With a shortened window for early voting before the election, some voters endured a six-hour wait to cast their ballot. Voters in swing states Florida and Virginia faced intimidating lines on election day as well, including areas with strong turnout.  According to a Hart Research poll sponsored by AFL-CIO, minorities and Democrats were more likely to experience these challenges than Republicans, with 16 percent of Obama voters waiting 30 minutes or more compared to 9 percent of Romney voters.  African-Americans and Hispanics were the likeliest to experience longer lines, at 22 percent and 24 percent respectively. In 2008, African-Americans waited twice as long as white voters, according to an MIT survey.

 It is black history month; the more some thing change, the more they stay the same
And as a Daily Kos article earlier this month noted, the failed values party, the party of a lack of ethics and morality, is attempting to make the problem worse, not better, because they think allowing only white voters to participate in our democracy is not a problem, it is their goal.
And yet, the right seems to sincerely believe that if the ONLY rephrase their core values, minorities will support their policies? Not bloody likely.
The whiny victim party of crabby, flabby, old white guys blubbers about 'playing the race card' anytime they are fairly and correctly criticized for their bad conduct, as if they can somehow excuse their racism.
They may be the party of stupid, where that kind of maneuver works on their own; but it doesn't fool anyone else.

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