It is All About Perspective.

Posted on the 03 September 2015 by Krickeyb
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I want to keep this week’s advice short and sweet so you all can get on with your Labor Day Weekend festivities.Think about the definition of perspective. No, not the definition related to art. The other definition. Google describes the noun as, “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.” Okay, so now that you have the definition of the word perspective, think about your life.

Let me tell you a little about my life. Before last weekend, I was in a rut. Every so often, since my surgery, I have found myself coming in and out of ruts. When I use the word “rut,” I mean a short feeling of depression or emptiness. This week, I am out of the rut, which is great and probably why I have the strength to write this post for you all.

Every single day is a challenge for me, believe it or not. Although, I think about some of my readers and I know that each day is a challenge for them, too. I know that I am not alone in this world, but my situation is pretty unique. I have found that in order to tackle your “ruts,” you need to remember that it is all about perspective.  Every person’s situation is unique. I am not a doctor, nor do I think I know everything. I am simply sharing what has helped me through this tough time in my life.

Let me back up and say this again: It is all about perspective. Okay, seems simple, right? Well, it isn’t THAT simple or else we all would be chipper 24/7 and life would be perfect. In order to let go of the anxieties, pain, concerns, etc… you have to have faith that you are going to get through it. If you turn to God, cast your anxieties unto him. If you don’t turn to whatever God you believe in, then at least understand that this feeling is temporary.

This is temporary. Not everything bad lasts forever and not everything good does either. That’s life. There are ups and downs; simple as that. The important part is that it is all about perspective. If you choose to look at your unique rut as a permanent aspect to your life, how will you ever get out of it? You won’t. If you have anxieties and you are so consumed with them that you miss out on one of those good temporary opportunities… then… well, that one is self explanatory. You missed out on something great.

Again, I know it is not that simple. Trust me, I know. I am consumed by anxieties and concerns regularly. I allow myself a small amount of time to “wallow in my sorrows” (for lack of a better way to explain it), complete my mental checklist that assures me things are okay, and I move forward.

My attitude towards living is generally positive. When things feel negative I remind myself that it is temporary. I will not allow my perspective to be skewed by negativity. It is toxic to the mind, body, and soul. I can promise you that.

Allow yourself to let go. It will help. If not, please seek help. Going to a therapist, psychologist, or counselor does NOT make you “crazy.” I hate when people assume that seeking help from mental health professionals is negative. It is not! I commend those of you who have recognized that it is time to seek professional help. Sometimes it isn’t that easy for others to recognize. For me, it was. So, I am grateful for that.

If you do seek professional help, do not be afraid to interview several different people before committing to someone. I was lucky and my counselor has proved to be incredibly helpful right off the bat. However, it isn’t always that easy (go figure). Ask questions. Say no if you are not comfortable. Find someone who you feel comfortable talking to, or else you will get nothing out of it.

When you see things from a different perspective, you will notice a change in your outlook on life. Anxieties will still be there, but you will know how to handle them when they arise. It is empowering when you can let go of the troubles and understand that things are just temporary. A good day is on its way! 


It is all about perspective.

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