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It Has Been One Freekin Amazing Year! | York Wedding Photography

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Well…it is that time already.Chevin Country Hotel Wedding Photograpy

Can you believe it?

Neither can I.

But ready or not – 2011 is coming to its official close and we at Tux & Tales HQ are taking a few moments to ponder an amazing year gone by and considering the rockin flockin year that waits ahead of us in 2012!

January 2011 saw us packing up house and drawing up our stakes in Colchester bound for the great and mighty north. We left our old rental house and dove head first into the wild ballyhoo of homeownership.

Siamese Cat named Ernie
February 2011 we acquired Ernie the tubular cat. Officially named Ernest Manilow Shatner (his surnames hailing from two of the sexiest men to ever cheese up a stage or screen) – he purred his way into our hearts.

March 2011 and Tux & Tales Photography – the northern edition – flung open its doors to giddy northern brides who were looking to rock their wedding photography in style.

Then….the summer began and wedding season officially opened.

We stopped sleeping.

And saw a LOT of pretty.

And cried at EVERY SINGLE WEDDING. {Matt would like me to clarify that I was the one doing all the girly crying. He was busy being manly. He just had something in his eye}

In July we were featured by Brides Up North – the only wedding blog that caters specifically to the Northern Bride. We became Staggered Approved and Matt worked his video magic, much to the amusement of random strangers. 

A tattooed bride in a wheat field

In August we had our mind-blowing Rock n Roll Bride debut with the help of our gorgeous model Boo and a little Rock n Roll sassiness. We were also featured on the English Wedding blog {where I am occasionally known to guest-blog on their showcase pages.}

In October we had our Boho Wedding Blog debut with a whole lotta peacock pretty and a bit of skateboard shenanigans. Then we teamed up with the fantabulous Miller Weddings for a shoot at The Mansion in Leeds which puts the word “pretty” to shame. In the middle of all this, we managed to appear as guest photographers in Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare Series 2. {Yes, I got to meet Sarah Beeny and she is soooo cool and I am soooo not.} We went to our first wedding fayre and brought with us our Cut-out Capers and found that people just can’t resist a good cut-out. Our work was featured on Marry Me Ink - a fantastical blog {that I love more than noodle soup} dedicated to tattooed brides.

Peacock wedding inspiration

In Autumn, engagement shoot season began – and we stopped sleeping again.

We met some really gorgeous brides-to-be and some chuffed to bits grooms-to-be.

We went to some stunning locations, took some rad pictures that make us smile every time we look at them.

In November we were featured AGAIN on the pretty pink pages of Rock n Roll Bride – this time with a civil partnership shoot full of some sunshine goodness. Then, the lovely English Wedding Blog included our ramblings and pontifications in their amazeballs e-book. We also acquired Ernie’s sister Poppy {Miss Popperwell, or Popples and we call her} and she has upped the cute factor is Casa del Cole by a million.

In December our work was featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – a gorgeous wedding blog that showed off some of our favorite engagement photos of the year.

Then Christmas came round and we finally began sleeping again and rediscovered what our son looked like {he’s a pretty handsome dude}.

Photo Booth Photos

Now that I look back on the year, I can’t help but smiling like a big, silly monkey. It has all been so fantastic and rockin that it seems just a tiny bit like a dream. {if it is – seriously – I don’t wanna know}

In addition to dozens of loved up couples, we also had the privilege to meet some spectacularly frabjous wedding industry folk who rock the socks off the north.

Andy, Matt, Phoebe, Shelly, James, Leah, Jo, Lou, Kelly, Kizzy, Kate, Kat, Louise, Julia, Claire, Big Andy, Chris, Jay, Rachael, Tall Andy, Emily, Anissa, Helen, Sassy, Isla, Heidi, Zoe, Laura {and so many more}…..

If I don’t say this often enough – you all blow my mind with your turbo-rad ways.


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