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It Did What? 5 Secrets About Derma Rollers

By Subha Bose

It Did What? 5 Secrets About Derma Rollers
Derma-rollers, a device for skincare made popular by the dermatologists for effective skincare. These are handy rollers which have over hundreds micro needles to boost up your skin health and appearance. But, how?
These tiny needles when rolled over on skin, tend to form micro injuries, which in turn is a perfect way to fill in any fine lines, dark circles or even wrinkles. Post healing your skin is wonderfully  tighten and plumper than before. Use it with a facial serum to see its magic on absorbing ingredients double up.
Some of the factors derma rollers excel at are-

1. Lighten Scars and Blemishes

Derma rollers have all that it needs to push the scars and blemishes away and renew your skin like the way it was. Any scar requires collagen to get rid of those marks, which through tiny needles help indenting micro holes to produce enough collagen for a healthy and elastic skin .

2. Hair Regrowth

Targeting hair growth can definitely mean a proper and careful usage of derma rollers. Initially what was used to produce collagen, is now an effective method to help new hair grow back. The wound-healing process accelerates blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, giving hair growth a new definition.

3. Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common concern. Derma roller can be used to treat stretch marks and cellulite.Creating little dents on the skin, the wound heals and generates newer skin. Cellulite marks don't necessarily need a major treatment, but the micro needling is exactly what you might prefer.

4. Cell Regeneration and Anti-Aging

Breaking and forming, is what derma rollers do in a nutshell. The cell regeneration process makes way for healthier and a long living skin, improving its age. Say bye to anti-aging and put that roller on work!

5. Minimize Pore Size

Reduce the visibility of your enlarged pores by rolling over this derma magic over. The tiny holes give skin a chance to redevelop its texture and tighten it up through elastin and collagen surfacing to even out skin.

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