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It Came From ReverbNation #19: Featuring Whiskey Rodeo, Close to Nowhere, NerVer, Requiem for Oblivion, Chris Allen, and Tripo9

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Ripplemusic

From April 4th to June 4th The Ripple Effect ran a campaign on the excellent online music website ReverbNation (www.reverbnation.com).This campaign allowed any artist or band registered with ReverbNation to submit their music to The Ripple Effect for possible review on the site and airplay on The Ripple Effect radio shows.When all was said and done we had received 4,799 submissions!Incredible!The purpose of this column is to highlight those artists and bands whose musical submissions I accepted as being worthy of consideration.While these are not reviews per se, I’m going to provide a brief rundown of what to expect from each artist/band, a sample when available, and a link to check out more on their corresponding ReverbNation page.
Whiskey Rodeo – Yee-haw waveriders!This Southern rock/Americana/Funky-Tonk quartet from Flagstaff, AZ definitely made an impression on me with their song submission.It grooved, it had attitude, and it rocked.If you’re a country fan looking for something more aggressive look no further!Similar artists include Lynyrd Skynryd, Govt Mule, and Bad Company.Check them out.
ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/whiskeyrodeo Song Sample – “Deadliest 8”

Close To Nowhere – This quartet from Burlington, VT impressed me with a bluesy, mid-tempo song submission that I suspect was recorded live.Very nice, expressive vocals and I like the guitar work.The bottom line is that I found this band’s sound to be totally ear pleasing, and recommend them for somebody looking for a classic rock fix.
ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/closetonowhere Song Sample – No Sample
NerVer – Yes indeed waveriders!This four man hard rock wrecking crew from Altamonte Springs, FL would like to make your acquaintance.In the beginning this band was a solo studio project for Casey Daniel from Seven Mary Three.Thankfully the three other members were found and this riff happy beast now has a life of its own!Similar artists include Soundgarden, Clutch, and Queens of The Stone Age.Do you like modern hard rock with a significant bite?Of course you do so click on the link and get happy!
ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/nerver Song Sample – “No Cage” 
Requiem For Oblivion – Well now, what do we have here?Could it be an interesting progressive death metal band?Why yes it is!This quartet from Erie, PA impressed me with their willingness to completely change the feel of their song submission seemingly at will to jump from a completely in your face riff based metal assault to significantly more melodic passages.Very well done in my opinion.Similar artists include Opeth, Agalloch, and Katatonia.If you like your metal extreme, you should check these guys out.
ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/requiemforoblivion Song Sample – “Conflicted”

Chris Allen – This singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA really impressed me with his vocal approach that effortlessly switched between a normal register and falsetto-like high notes.Another aspect that distinguishes this gentleman is the fact that there are twenty three musicians who at one time or another play in his band.Based on the couple of songs I’ve heard thus far, I’m willing to suggest that they are all very good musicians.Similar artists include Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, and The Eagles.This is music worth hearing.
ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/chrisjallen Song Sample – “When Your Walls Are Down” 

Tripo9 – When was the last time a musician played something that soothed your very soul?Yeah, it’s been a while for me too.   But then I came across the song submission from this gentleman out of Bronx, NY.Waveriders, I was swept away by this man’s graceful voice!His sound is a mix of alternative, dance, and Afro-pop.Similar artists include Seal and Tracy Chapman.The bottom line is if you need some peace injected in your day, this is the man to see.
ReverbNation Page – http://www.reverbnation.com/tripo9 Song Sample – “How Do People Live” 

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