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It All Works If Everyone Does Their Job, What is It?

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

Bugs can and will move if given the opportunities. I have spoken about this before and I train my technicians to know about the bugs in others areas just so we can be sure if one pops up. What do I mean by this statement?

Example #1 – Someone moves from Kansas and they store their boxes in a temporary storage facility. They then move across the country and they accidentally bring a spider or other pest across state lines.

Example #2 – Someone visiting from another country visits the US and brings in a piece of fruit which as bugs on it.

Example #3 – Someone moves to Arizona and brings a potted plant with them.


All these stories could be true and the USDA does a great job of tracking and stopping some of these pests from moving around. A recent Aphid – SugarCane Aphid has been in Florida since 1977 and recently was discovered in Texas. Bugs do move and given the right circumstances will take advantage of every possible chance to move to another location.

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