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Issa Wedding! Cece Winans Daughter Ashley Love is Getting Married

By Firstladyb



Ashley Love, the daughter of Pastor Alvin Love and gospel singer CeCe Winans is getting married.  Ashley, who is 29,  shared her journey of waiting on God’s best for her in a blog post on thefoxfitness.com

CeCe Winans
In the blog post she shared what she calls “5 P’s” that are essential in the quest for love:

Perspective – You need to define what marriage means to you, why you want to get married

and what your expectations of it are. More importantly, you need to make sure those reasons

and expectations line up with God’s word.

Prayer – This was the most crucial aspect of my journey to marriage. It builds your faith when

you pray and ask for specific things, because when God answers, you know it was Him. Prayer

has a way of lifting you up and bringing you into agreement with God’s will.

Patience – This is not simply waiting, but it is waiting with a great attitude.

Persistence – This is more for the men. You are the initiator and the one that must follow

through. Don’t let intimidation or fear of rejection stop you from going after what you want. Many

times, ladies are won over by a man’s persistence, confidence and decisiveness. There is of

course a balance to this, and I believe the Holy Spirit will guide you in knowing when to keep

pushing and when to gracefully let it go and move on.

Peace – This is a must. If there is a lack of peace, more than likely, God is not behind it. Pursue

the Lord first and foremost, then seek and wait for love from a place of rest. The best indicator

that you are in the will of God is if you have His peace within.

I want everyone reading this who is not yet married to be encouraged. The desire for marriage

is from the Lord, and He has a set time for everything. Trust that He will give you exactly what

you need and want at the exact right time. If you are submitted to God and are honoring Him

with your decisions, you will not miss out. Of course, it would be wonderful if we could get

everything we wanted when we felt we were ready for it, but that wouldn’t require hope or faith,

two things that really please the Lord. It’s about the journey; what we learn on it and how we

grow from it. These may all be cliché things to say and you may not always want to hear it, but

it’s the truth! When you feel like you’re tired of waiting, wait some more. There will always be the

temptation to be discontent with life. No matter what stage of life we’re in or what we’re waiting

for, we must be grateful, enjoy every single day and make the most of exactly where we are.

Congratulations Ashley!!!!

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