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Israeli Religious Sports Champions

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
1. Mazel tov to Yuval Freilich from Neve Daniel for being the first Israeli ever to win the European championship in Fencing (TOI).
I was not even aware there was fencing in Israel.

I know nothing about Freilich, but with Neve Daniel being a religious yishuv, I think it is safe to say that Freilich is religious.
Israeli religious sports champions2.  Mazel tov to Mickey Chait from Bnei Braq for winning the Capoeira Championships Tournament of the Mediterranean. Chait and his students who competed captured a number of trophies in the competition, and his sister Miriam won fourth place in the women's competition.
Chait says a lot of the tournaments and events are held on Shabbos, limiting his ability to participate in only a small number of events, but in the last event they had so many shomer shabbos competitors in a variety of events that the administrators changed the schedule to hold the finals on Motzei Shabbos.
Chait is planning to compete next in the World Championships to be held in two months.
source: Behadrei
I am happy they can follow their dreams and use their talents and is able to keep Shabbos the way they want to. Participating in sports has always been particularly difficult for shomrei shabbos.
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