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Israel to Create Arab College

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Minister of Education Naftali Bennet announced yesterday that he is working to establish the first Arab college in Israel and it will be loated in an Arab town.
source: INN
I am not sure what an Arab college is. Arabs already attend all the regular Israeli universities and colleges. Will this be for Arabs only, with Jews not allowed? Will they teach in Arabic instead of in Hebrew? If it is ok to have an Arab-only college, is it also ok to then turn [some of] the existing colleges to Jews-only?
It seems to be overall a good idea. I think providing them with an education is important. Sure, they can already get it in the Israeli colleges and some can go to the Palestinian ones or colleges abroad, but this makes education more accessible to more people.
As well, the Arab colleges (in Palestinian areas and abroad) are known to be very radical and radicalize many of the students. If Israel controls the college, it can perhaps prevent some of the radicalization. I doubt it will be too effective, as even in Israeli colleges, the Arab groups are relatively radical, though nothing like the colleges in the Palestinian areas.
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